Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilets 2024 [Tall Elongated Toilet]

Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilets

Small bathrooms have been a problem for years, as installing a toilet seat with powerful flushing isn’t an easy task with limited space. Thanks to the best 10 inch rough in toilets, they are an ideal solution for tiny homes.

Most people have toilets with 12 inches rough in, which takes more space compared to 10 or 9 inches rough in. Depending on your bathroom needs, 10 inch rough toilets are available in different shapes.

Regarding Flushing power, manufacturing material, and installation method, we analyzed each and every aspect of the following 10 inch rough in toilets before adding them to the best toilets list.

Best 10 Inch Rough in Toilet- Best Toilets for 2024

1. Kohler K-3889-0 – Kohler 10 Rough In Toilet

Kohler 10 Rough In Toilet

Quick Features

  • Toilet Shape Elongated
  • Manufacturing material Vitreous China
  • Flush type Gravity Flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted

One of the best 10 inch comfort height toilets available on the market, the Kohler K-3889-0 comes with a convenient sitting down and standing up the offer, thanks to the standard chair height seating. Made from vitreous China material, the toilet comes with a 10 inch rough in combined with the Class Five flushing technology. The gravity flush creates a powerful siphon during flushing for efficient performance. Also, the powerful rinsing cleans the bowl quickly.

Equipped with DryLock technology, the elongated bowl toilet comes with a fast and foolproof installation system. It helps to prevent leaking issues during the standard installation. Powered by 1.28 gpf flushing, the toilet helps to save up to 16,500 gallons of water annually. There is a left hand lever added for convenient flushing.

When it comes to installation, the 3-bolt installation method saves installation efforts and time. You can choose from 10, 12, and 14 inches rough in sizes according to your bathroom requirements. The dark side is that there is no seat and supply line included in the package. Available in elongated and round bowls, this toilet is backed by one year limited warranty.


  • Class Five Flushing technology
  • Comfort Height Elongated Toilet bowl
  • 3-bolt Installation method
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Backed by one year limited warranty


  • No seat included

2. Toto CST744SF.10 Drake – Toto 10 Inch Rough In

Toto 10 Inch Rough In

Quick Features

  • Toilet Shape Elongated
  • Manufacturing material Ceramic
  • Flush type Gravity Flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted

The TOTO Drake two-piece toilet with 10 inch rough in provides a classic high-profile design that is durable and powerful enough to work within both commercial and residential bathrooms. Manufactured with durable ceramic material, the elongated toilet ensures long lasting appearance and performance without clogging and fading. Designed with innovative GMAX flush technology, Toto CST744SF.10#01 Drake comes with a 125% wider flush valve compared to the standard.

The GMAX siphon jet provides increased water flow and draws water into the elongated bowl more quickly and forcefully. Thanks to the fully glazed trapway, it creates an ultra quiet and powerful flush which makes it one of the best quiet flushing toilets available on the market. The toilet comes with a 3 inches wide flush valve and an extra large siphon jet.

The combination of these features creates a powerful cleansing flush with 1.6 gpf. Installation can be time consuming and need proper plumbing expertise as the toilet comes with two piece design. TOTO hasn’t included the seat in the package, but you can buy a soft closing seat or an electric WASHLET bidet seat to complete the toilet. Cleaning is effortless with a soft cloth damped in soapy water. TOTO is offering one year manufacturer warranty for this elongated 10 inch rough in toilet.


  • High-profile, concealed design
  • Powerful GMAX Flush Technology
  • Extra-large siphon jet and large trapway
  • Chrome trip lever
  • One year warranty


  • Complicated installation

3. HOROW HWMT-8733 – Toilets With A 10 Inch Rough In

Toilets With A 10 Inch Rough In

Quick Features

  • Toilet Shape Round
  • Manufacturing material Ceramic
  • Flush type Gravity Flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted

A modern compact design specially produced for small bathrooms, HOROW HWMT-8733, measures 25 inches deep by 13.4 inches wide and 28.4 inches high. The best thing about the toilet is it offers 16.5 inches height seating to provide convenient sitting and standing up for elderly persons. The space is saved on the tank size and shape without compromising on the rough bowl shape.

Offering powerful dual flushing technology, this small 10 inch rough in toilet comes with two options. A partial flush with 1.1 gpf is great for liquid and small waste, whereas a full flush with 1.6 gpf is best for large and solid waste. The flushing power is good enough to prevent clogging issues. The fully glazed surface of HOROW HWMT-8733 is designed to stay clean for a long time, so you don’t need to use the toilet brush for cleaning too often. Additionally, the flushing mechanism is manufactured of high quality ABS material which is corrosion resistant and aging resistant.

The toilet features a soft closing PP seat to prevent nasty toilet slams. The ultra quiet sound of the seat is ideal for families with small children who have issues with closing the seat properly without losing their grip. The dual flush button is located on the top of the tank for quick flushing. Installation is easy with one piece design and all essential accessories included in the package. Other notable features include floor bolts, a side cover, a wax ring, and one year limited warranty.


  • Space saver design
  • Powerful & quiet dual flush
  • Soft closing seat
  • Self cleaning glazed surface
  • Life-Time after-sales service


  • Flimsy seat

4. Swiss Madison SM-1T127 – 10 Inch Rough In Elongated Toilet

10 Inch Rough In Elongated Toilet

Quick Features

  • Toilet Shape Elongated
  • Manufacturing material Ceramic
  • Flush type Dual flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted

A stylish modern toilet for your bathroom, the Ivy one piece elongated toilet is the top quality unit for convenient space saving and flexibility. Featuring high performance Vortex dual flush technology, the toilet is made for effective flushing while saving water and eliminating clogging problems. The dual flush offers two options, including 1.1 gpf for liquid waste and 1.6 gpf for solid and large waste removal. There is a chrome plated top flush actuator located for quick and easy flushing.

The quick-release, soft closing seat is a great option to prevent nasty slams on winter nights. The toilet seat releases quickly but doesn’t create any sound while shutting down. Thanks to the fully glazed trapway, you don’t need to clean the toilet every now and then. Made from durable ceramic material, the toilet can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.

The bolt covers, wax rings, and bolt kit come with the toilet for quick installation. Thanks to a convenient one piece design, you can easily install the toilet without calling for professional plumbing services. However, it is recommended to check the user manual and instructional videos before installing the toilet. Another standout feature is the glossy finish to keep the toilet surface appealing for a long time. Last but not least, ‎Swiss Madison offers one year limited manufacturer warranty for this elegant one toilet oblong toilet.


  • Soft-closing, quick-release toilet seat
  • High-performance vortex flush
  • Comes with a wax ring, bolt kit, cover caps
  • Chrome dual Push-button
  • One Year limited warranty


  • Ordinary seat quality

5. TOTO Drake – Best 10 Rough In Toilet

Best 10 Rough In Toilet

Quick Features

  • Toilet Shape Elongated
  • Manufacturing material Ceramic
  • Flush type Gravity flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted

The Drake universal height is specially designed with cleanliness in mind. Featuring a TORNADO flushing technology, the toilet comes with a rimless, hole-free design and dual nozzles to create a highly efficient centrifugal washing action for effective bowl rinse after each flush. The flushing system creates a 360 degree cleaning powerful flush to reach every spot of the elongated bowl.

One unique feature of TOTO ‎CST776CEFRG.10#01 is the addition of CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze technology. It helps to decrease waste from sticking to porous ceramic surfaces. There is a large water spot to reduce the places where large waste can cling to the bowl. A single flush uses 1.28 gpf and meets CALGreen, WaterSense, and CEC standards and guidelines.

An elegant chrome plated trip lever is added to the right side of the toilet. The Drake has a 3 inches wide flush valve combined with a siphon jet bowl to get the job done in a single flush. There is no seat included, so you have to buy a toilet seat to complete the set. Also, there are no installation accessories like a wax ring, water supply lines, and toilet mounting bolts.


  • Powerful TORNADO FLUSH flushing system
  • Advanced clean technology
  • Chrome-plated right-hand trip lever
  • Universal height seating
  • Improved water spot


  • No seat and installation accessories included

6. American Standard 215AB004.020 – 10 Inch Rough-In Toilet With Chair Height

American Standard 10 Rough In Toilet

Quick Features

  • Toilet Shape Round
  • Manufacturing material Metal & Vitreous China
  • Flush type Gravity flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted

A comfortable chair height 10 inch rough in toilet, American Standard 215AB004.020 Cadet Pro is one of the most durable toilets available on the market. Made from metal and vitreous China, the toilet offers powerful and reliable leak-proof performance for a long time. Measuring 17 inches in height, it is a great option for tall and elderly people with sitting and standing problems. The toilet is available in two different shapes, including round and elongated.

The round shape toilet offers space saving advantage, whereas the elongated toilet is known for improved comfort. Powered by a gravity flush system, it uses 1.6 gpf to remove waste from the bowl. Combined with 10 inch rough in, the powerful flushing system removes large waste effectively. Additionally, the strong metal trip lever, along with metal shank fill valves, improves the durability of the unit.

Thanks to the PowerWash rim, it scrubs the elongated bowl clean with every flush. One appealing aspect was the addition of color matched bowl caps and a trip lever which significantly improved the appearance of the toilet. The Cadet comes with an industry leading warranty, including a lifetime on Chinaware and five years on mechanical parts.


  • Unique PowerWash Rim for cleaning
  • Comfortable chair-height toilet
  • Color-matched bowl caps and trip lever
  • Durable metal parts
  • Lifetime warranty on Chinaware


  • Toilet seat Is sold separately

7. American Standard 221CB004.021 – Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilet

Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilet

Quick Features

  • Toilet Shape Elongated
  • Manufacturing material Vitreous China
  • Flush type Gravity flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted

A two piece elongated toilet with durable construction, this American Standard 221CB104.020 Colony uses 20% less water without sacrificing the flushing power. A perfect blend of style and functionality, the elongated toilet is a perfect addition to modern bathrooms. Offering maximum comfort, the toilet has gravity assisted flushing system that uses 1.28 gpf to remove waste from the bowl. There are PowerWash rims to scrub the bowl with each flush and keep it clean for a long time.

Manufactured from durable Vitreous China, overall, the toilet has durable build quality. Equipped with 2 inches flush valve and 2 inches trapway, the toilet doesn’t have any clogging issues reported. I wish there were a seat included in the package, but you have to buy the seat separately. It is recommended to choose the soft close seat to enjoy an ultra quiet performance.

The toilet has 15 inches in height from floor to rim edge, and we don’t recommend it for elderly persons with joint issues. It comes with color matched bowl caps and a trip lever for an improved appearance. The full glazed trapway prevents clogging and internal build up. The manufacturer is offering two years warranty on mechanical parts and a lifetime warranty on Chinaware.


  • Durable construction
  • Unique PowerWash Rim for cleaning
  • Color-matched bowl caps and trip lever
  • Siphon action bowl with direct fed jet
  • Two years warranty


  • Seat sold separately

How To Find 10 Inch Rough In Toilet – The Buying Guide

Finding a suitable 10 inch rough in toilet for your bathroom may be confusing due to the countless options available on the market. Here are essential factors that can help to make the right decision.

Pros and Cons of 10 Inch rough in toilets

The first thing is to look at the benefits and drawbacks of 10 inch rough in toilets.


  • Space-saving design
  • It can be converted to 12 inches rough in
  • Best for small bathrooms
  • Facilitates kids and pets


  • High price
  • Limited options
  • More prone to clogging

10 Inch vs. 12 Inch Rough in Toilet

Most people don’t know the differences between 10 inch and 12 inch rough in toilets. Here is a detailed comparison between 10 inch and 12 inch rough in toilets.

  • Measurement

A 10 inch rough in toilet is commonly found in old homes, whereas 12 inches rough in toilet is used in modern homes. There are few options available in 10 inch rough in toilets, whereas you can find a variety of options in 12 inch rough in toilets. You can easily find standard or chair height, elongated or round, and one piece or two piece toilets on the market.

  • Clogging problems

A 12 inch rough in toilet doesn’t clog, whereas 10 inches rough in toilets are prone to clogging.

  • Water consumption

A decade ago, people expected 1.6 gpf from a 10 inch rough in toilet. However, nowadays, the water consumption of these toilets is lowered to 1.28 gpf, which is commonly found with 12 inch rough in toilets. You can easily save money on water bills if your toilet is compatible with 1.28 gpf. However, it is essential to consider that there must be a good flushing performance to remove waste from the bowl without the requirement to make another flush.

Essential Factors to Consider

  • Learn about innovations

There is a consistent stream of modern innovations that make toilets work harder, stay cleaner, and last longer than ever before. For instance, self cleaning toilets help save time and reduce efforts to perform one of the undesired chores in your home. These toilets are an ideal solution to add a sparkling clean touch to your bathroom without wasting extra effort.

There is a wide range of toilets available with innovative technologies. The ultra smooth glaze, along with antimicrobial properties, makes them appealing. It gives your toilet a super smooth, new finish which stays cleaner as the soil has a tough time clinging to it. Also, it helps to inhibit the stain and odor-causing bacteria growth on the surface.

  • Water saving ability

Water conservation is essential to the environment, and it can also help you save money on water bills. Standard toilets flush at a rate of 1.6 gpf, which is less than 50% of the water utilized by older 3.5 gpf toilets. Thanks to advanced hydraulic designs, these 1.6 gpf toilets perform better than older toilets and also remove waste effectively while preventing clogging issues.

HETs (High efficiency toilets) flush at the rate of 1.28 gpf and save 20% more water compared to 1.6 gpf toilets. Flushing performance isn’t affected by less water consumption. There are ultra-high efficiency toilets available that use only 1.0 gpf without affecting the flushing performance. However, most people prefer dual flushing as they offer both partial and full flush options.

  • The right configuration for the bathroom

There are different configurations available to suit the different needs of your bathroom. Choosing the right configuration ensures that the toilet has a decent look and design for the bathroom.

One piece toilets are available with six to ten individual pieces that are installed in a single seamless unit with both bowl and tank already attached. The result is an elegant, sleek, and hand crafted toilet with no crevices between the bowl and the tank to catch dirt and odors.

When it comes to two piece toilets, they feature a separate bowl and rank, which are bolted together during installation. There are raised area that allows for cleaning of the offending material and prevents odors causes accumulation between the tank and bowl.

Round front toilets have a bowl with a compact design which makes them an ideal choice for small bathrooms and powder rooms.

On the other hand, elongated bowls extend out further with additional room in the front for extra comfort. There are compact elongated toilets available featuring an elongated shape that fits into the small space, like the round front toilet.

  • Determining Rough in and Size Requirements

Toilets are available in different sizes, so ensure to consider the depth, width, and height of the available space before making a decision.

Most toilets bolt to the bathroom 12 inches from the wall. This is called a rough in dimension.

10 inch rough in toilet and 14 inch rough in toilet are available for the bathroom with less or additional space compared to the standard 12 inch rough in.

  • Toilet Comfort

A standard toilet bowl rim comes with 15 inches of height from the floor. The toilet seat ring adds an extra ½ to 1 inch of height. Most people find a tall toilet bowl more comfortable than a traditional one. It is recommended to choose a toilet with a rim height of 16-1/2 inches from the bathroom floor.

  • Right Flushing system

There are various flushing systems available for different needs. Single flushing system uses 1.28 gpf and 1.6 gpf to remove toilet waste. On the other hand, a dual flushing system offers two options to choose from.

The partial flush uses 0.8 gpf, which is good enough to remove liquid and small waste. The full flush with 1.6 gpf is ideal for large and solid waste removal. Nowadays, most people prefer dual flush as it helps to save water and reduce water bills significantly.

  • Bathroom design is important

Before you make a decision, it is essential to consider the design style of a bathroom. You can easily find a toilet that goes with every look if you have a more transitional, traditional, or modern flair. A conventional bathroom features two piece toilets with a classic appearance for a timeless look. On the other hand, a transitional and contemporary bathroom has a more updated design. You may need sleek one piece or two piece toilets for a modern bathroom with clean lines and geometric flair.

  • Toilet performance

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in every home. That’s why when choosing a new toilet, it is recommended to ensure it performs to the highest standards. Selecting a toilet with powerful flushing performance helps to eliminate clogs and dirt in the toilet bowl.

A MaP score is used to determine the Toilet performance grade, which represents the number of grams of waste eliminated from the bowl in one flush. Toilets with a MaP score of 1000g to 600g is considered to have excellent flushing performance. These toilets can remove up to 35 oz. of waste in one flush.

Final words

If you have a small bathroom or have limited space in the bathroom, it is recommended to choose 10 inches rough in toilet. Not only do these toilets help to save space, but they also offer great flushing performance with comfortable use. Depending on your bathroom size, you can easily find the best toilets with 10 inches rough in. However, it is essential to measure the size of your bathroom before making a decision. Sometimes, an inch is enough to ruin your hours of effort while replacing the toilet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is 10 inch rough in toilet suitable for humid regions?

A 10 inch rough in toilet is more prone to dampness and mold growth compared to 12 inch rough in toilet in humid regions. Therefore, it is suitable to go for 12 inch rough in toilet.

  • Can I replace a 10 inch rough in toilet with a new 12 inch rough in toilet?

A 12 inch rough in toilet cannot fit in your bathroom with a 10 inch rough in toilet. Remember, 10 inch rough in toilet may plausibly fit into a 12 inch rough in toilet, but the same cannot be said for utilizing a 12 inch rough in toilet with a 10 inch rough inch toilet.

  • What is the difference between 10 inch rough in and 12 inch rough in?

A 10 inch rough in tank is slimmer than 12 inch rough in a tank and allows for the decreased distance.

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