Best Affordable Toilets Under $200 Price [Cheap Budget] 2024

Best Toilets Under 200

Whether you are replacing your old toilet or buying a new one for your home, choosing the right one is very important. The case gets even more serious when you are tight on budget. Considering essential factors like bathroom decor, height, tanks, measurements, flushing system, and many others can be helpful to find the best toilet under 200.

However, flooded products on the markets are always confusing when it comes to making the right choice. After reviewing top toilet units from popular toilet brands, we have ended up with these 10 best toilets for your home. The selection is based on the features, price, durability, and user reviews;

Best Toilet Under 200- Top Rated 10 Budget-Friendly Toilets For 2024



Best Toilets Under $200

TOTO CST243EFR 01 – Best Toilets Under $200

  • Manufacturing material Cotton
  • Dimensions ‎23 x 15 x 30 inches
  • Weight 52 pounds
  • Shape Round



Best Cheap Toilet

Bemis 7YE85310TSS – Best Cheap Toilet

  • Manufacturing material heavy-duty plastic
  • Dimensions ‎5 x 15.31 x 4.25 inches
  • Weight 9.42 pounds
  • Shape Elongated



Best Value Toilets

Kohler K-3987-0 – Best Value Toilets

  • Manufacturing Material Ceramic
  • Dimensions 29.38 x 16.5 x 31.31 inches
  • Weight 86.3 pounds
  • Shape round

1. Aqua-Magic V RV – Best Budget Toilet

Editor’s Choice

Best Budget Toilet
  • Manufacturing material Polypropylene
  • Item Dimensions 15.75 x 18.25 x 19 inches
  • Item weight ‎79 pounds
  • Shape Elongated

This RV toilet by Aqua-Magic features a classical height of 17-1/2 and can be installed in recreational vehicles that accept the permanent installation. Manufactured of polypropylene material, this best RV toilet is lightweight and easy to install. The compact size is perfect for saving handy space while still offering a comfortable elongated shape. If you are looking for an excellent balance between size and comfort while keeping your budget low, this toilet is made for you.

Thanks to the pedal flush system, it is convenient to use the unit.

The textured design lid is specially designed to shed water and perfectly resist scuffs, whereas the pedal acts like a dual system. Press the pedal halfway to add water to the bowl, and press a pedal all the way to open the valve and flush it.  The best part is its effortless installation and minimal maintenance.

You can also fit the Aqua-Magic RV toilet with a water-saving hand sprayer to reduce water consumption. The high profile provides a taller seating height for optimum comfort. It comes with nuts, bolts, and a flange seal for effortless installation.

  • Single-pedal system
  • Taller seating height for maximum comfort
  • Textured lid sheds water, resists scuffs
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Easy to install and clean

  • No hand sprayer

2. TOTO CST243EFR 01 – Best Toilets Under $200

Editor’s Choice

Best Toilets Under $200
  • Manufacturing material Cotton
  • Dimensions ‎23 x 15 x 30 inches
  • Weight 52 pounds
  • Shape Round

This Toto CST243EF#01 Entrada close-coupled toilet comes with a new innovative design to maximize the quality of your bathroom experience. Equipped with E-Max technology, the toilet powerfully flushes away everything that comes in its way. Featuring an extra-large siphon jet along with a 3-inch valve, this technology provides an ultra-quiet flush which makes it a perfect choice for attached bathrooms.

It has a low flush rate of 1.28gpf, which makes it possible to save both water and money. When it comes to comfort level, this best budget Toto toilet has a universal height for both young and old users. Moreover, the round shape of the toilet offers a space-saving design for small bathrooms. There is a left-hand durable chrome trip lever for convenient use.

If modern design, comfort, and minimal maintenance are what you are looking for, this Toto toiler is made for you. Other notable features include a glazed trap way, toilet bowl caps, tank-to-bowl hardware, and tank to bowl gasket. Last but not least, the manufacturer is offering a one-year limited warranty for this budget-friendly toilet.

  • Universal Height for maximum comfort
  • Comes with a left-hander chrome trip lever
  • Year Limited warranty
  • Extra-large siphon jet for powerful flushing
  • Space-saving design

  • No toilet seat

3. Domestic 300 Series – Best Toilet For The Price

Editor’s Choice

Best Toilet For The Price
  • Manufacturing material Plastic
  • Dimensions 19.25 x 15 x 20 inches
  • Weight 8.25 pounds
  • Shape Round

If you are looking for a lightweight toilet with high gravity, this Domestic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet is made for you. Offering effortless installation with minimum maintenance, this standard toilet comes with residential style and a full-sized seat. The universal height makes it perfect for every user with the maximum comfort level. There is an elegant foot pedal with an adjustable function which is excellent for short-height people.

It allows adjusting water levels and is convenient to shed water powerfully on the flush. Another handy feature is its gravity flush which provides ultimate support to water and helps to shed it quickly. Also, this feature is helpful for cleaning and helps to reduce the frequent cleaning procedure. One of the most appealing features for every homeowner is its super cleaning power. All you need is to use any flush product or shape to clean the toilet in no time.

Polypropylene plastic is ultra-lightweight and durable. The toilet is equipped triple jet bowl rinse feature for superior cleaning action. Overall, the bathroom is durable to use, easy to install, and effortless to clean. You can choose the required size from the available standard height (18 inches) and low profile (13.5 inches).

  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Superior Cleaning Action
  • Full-size residential-style seat
  • Water-efficient flush
  • Foot pedal operation with adjustable water level

  • Not for heavy person

4. American Standard 288DA114.020 – Best Value Toilet

Editor’s Choice

Best Value Toilet
  • Manufacturing material Vitreous China
  • Dimensions 15 x 27.75 x 30 inches
  • Weight 35.9 pounds
  • Shape Round

This American Standard H2Optium symphonic round toilet is one the most efficient toilets that meet EPA water sense criteria. Offering superior water saving, the toilet comes with a flush rate of 1.1 gallons per flush. The round front design is ideal for saving space and making your small bathroom more efficient. Equipped with a full-sized residential design, it has triple jet bowl rinse technology for quick and effective cleaning.

One of the best features of the Vitreous China material is that it is extremely durable and strong. Installation is effortless, and you can install it without calling a plumber. One handy feature of this best toilet under 200 is its EverClean surface. It inhibits the stain and odor growth which causes bacteria, mildew, and mold on the surface. This surface takes no time to clean.

There is a PowerWash rim added to scrub the bowl with each flush and keep it clean for a long time. Also, there is 15 inches rim for accessible applications. The only downside of the toilet is that it doesn’t have a seat, and you have to purchase it separately. The manufacturer is offering five years limited warranty on all mechanical parts and a limited lifetime warranty on chinaware.

  • Fully glazed 2 inches Trapway
  • PowerWash rim
  • Meets EPA WaterSense criteria
  • EverClean surface prevents bacterial growth
  • Siphon jet bowl technology

  • Have to buy the seat separately

5. Bemis 7YE85310TSS – Best Cheap Toilet

Editor’s Choice

Best Cheap Toilet
  • Manufacturing material heavy-duty plastic
  • Dimensions ‎5 x 15.31 x 4.25 inches
  • Weight 9.42 pounds
  • Shape Elongated

One of the most comfortable toilets on the market, the Bemis 7YE85310TSS 000 offers 2 inches extra open space for additional comfort along with an extended drip barrier for improved cleanliness. Equipped with patented snap two secure systems, the seat is manufactured to generate and maintain superior clamping force to ideally save the seat so it will not loosen or wiggle.

The innovative, patented reverse funnel design of its shield helps to keep everything in a bowl while avoiding contact with waste. There is a new extended ridge for improved cleanliness function. The height of the seat is enhanced to three inches to make sitting more comfortable and standing without bending, which is helpful for people with hip, back, or knee problems.

Also, the self-sustaining hinges help for effortless cleaning and keep the seat up, positing to prevent the ring from slamming down. Another handy feature of the toilet is that it has been tested to facilitate up to 1000 user weight. Last but not least, the ring is specially designed to prevent painful pressure points for comfortable use.

  • Best for heavy persons
  • Self-sustaining hinges
  • Integrated Clean Shield
  • 3″ Elevated Toilet Seat
  • Patented Snap 2 Secure system

  • Support Arms sold separately

6. HOROW HT1000 – Best Affordable Toilets

Editor’s Choice

Best Affordable Toilets
  • Manufacturing material Porcelain
  • Dimensions 25 x 13.4 x 28.4 inches
  • Weight 90 pounds
  • Shape Round

Although the toilet is designed for small bathrooms, it looks perfect in every modern bathroom. Equipped with a dual flush function, this round-shaped single-piece toilet is an excellent choice for water conversation. The toilet seat features 16.5 inches in length and is 2 inches shorter than an elongated seat. There are two big opening holes on both sides to fix the toilet effortlessly.

The manufacturer has added a soft closing PP seat to facilitate installation and use. Another appealing feature of this budget-friendly toilet is its super quiet flush with no clogs. It has a dual flush with 1.6gpf to save your water bill. This toilet has an easy-to-clean concealed trap way design and a self-clean glaze surface to make cleaning effortless.

The toilet is specially designed for floor mounting with standard 12 inches rough in size. Although the size of the toilet is perfect for small bathrooms, it can easily facilitate heavy-weight users. The package comes with a toilet seat, wax ring, pre-installed water fitting, toilet tank cover, installation instructions, installation parts, installation video, and five years limited warranty.

  • Dual-Flush Button on Top of the tank
  • Super Quiet & Powerful Flushing
  • Concealed trapway design
  • Soft Closing Seat
  • Space Saver Design

  • Comes with smaller nuts

7. Afwall Millennium Flowise – Best Inexpensive Toilets

Editor’s Choice

Best Inexpensive Toilets
  • Manufacturing material Vitreous China
  • Dimensions 26 x 14 x 15 inches
  • Weight 50 pounds
  • Shape Elongated

A toilet with exceptional durability, Afwall Millennium Flowise comes with an elongated bowl shaped for maximum comfort. The concealed trap ways make a noticeable difference in the pose of this toilet. Not only it covers the waste chute, but it also improves the appearance for a look that fits perfectly in both modern and traditional bathrooms.

They also help to eliminate the resting spots of dust and hair. There are ports on both sides, including color matched caps for easy access to the floor bolts. An ideally positioned water jet allows capturing the circular flow of water for best performance with less energy loss. In simple words, neither does the water hit a flat spot nor does it slow down.

Utilizing the antimicrobial features of silver, the EverClean surface inhibits the growth of mildew, bacteria, and mold. The ultra-smooth, baked-in surface helps to eliminate the slight rings and also repels the toilet messes. The unit comes with easy installation instructions and a one-year limited warranty.

  • Powerful flushing system
  • Concealed Trapway design
  • Powerful direct-fed siphon jet action
  • Fully-glazed 2-1/8″Trapway
  • One year warranty

  • Installation hardware missing

8. Camco 2.6 Gallon 2.6-Gallon – Best Residential Toilets

Editor’s Choice

Best Residential Toilets
  • Manufacturing material Polyethylene
  • Dimensions 11.5 x 14 x 16 inches
  • Weight 9.4 pounds
  • Shape Square

When it comes to camping, boating, or RVing, Comco is one of the trusted names on the market. Featuring a durable polyethylene construction, this square-shaped portable toilet comes with a compact and lightweight design. Weighing only 10 lbs of weight, this camping toilet can support up to 330 lbs of user weight.

The top half flush tank can hold up to 2.5 gallons of water and feature a toilet with a seat, lid, and bowl. On the top, there is a cap that can be easily removed to fill the flush tank with water. There is a bellows-type pump to flush the water into the tank to remove waste. To secure the toilet to the waste tank, the manufacturer has added durable side latches.

A sliding gate valve is located at the bottom of the half waste tank that opens for waste and then closes to make an odor and water-tight seal. This tank can hold up to 2.6 gallons of waste easily. There is a cap on the back of the waste tank that can be removed to get rid of the waste. For easy transportation, there are handles on both the top and bottom sides of the toilet.

  • Lightweight and easy to empty
  • Integrated handles for portability
  • Sealed gate valve
  • 330 lb. weight capacity
  • 2.5-gallon flush tank

  • Small seat

9. Kohler K-3987-0- Best Value Toilets

Editor’s Choice

Best Value Toilets
  • Manufacturing Material Ceramic
  • Dimensions 29.38 x 16.5 x 31.31 inches
  • Weight 86.3 pounds
  • Shape round

A dual flush toilet by Kohler, the Wellworth is a perfect combination of low water consumption and a powerful flush system. As compared to dual flush toilets featuring a push-button for flushing, this best dual flush toilet comes with an innovative 2-tone flush lever located at the side of the tank. There are two flushing options to choose from, including 1.1 and 1.66 Gallons per flush. In simple words, it can help to save up to 30% water as compared to the powerful flush.

The toilet is equipped with a Kohler K-4197 round-front bowl, which is best for small bathrooms and kids. The 2 1/8 inches trapway has a full glazed to help convenient removal of waste and feature a standard 12-inch rough-in. It has a 3-bolt installation technique and also is certified in WaterSense.

When it comes to installation, you only need a few basic tools to get the job done. Featuring a drylock standard installation, the toilets prevent leaking. The construction quality of the unit is durable and can last easily for years without catching nasty stains. Kohler toilet is backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty.

  • Best for small bathrooms
  • Powerful flush system
  • WaterSense Certified
  • Easy to install
  • 2-tone flush lever

  • Ordinary shipment service

10. HOROW T0337W – Best Economical Toilet

Editor’s Choice

Best Economical Toilet
  • Manufacturing material Ceramic
  • Dimensions 29.5 x 27.5 x 15 inches
  • Weight 102 pounds
  • Shape Elongated

Featuring a one-piece design, this toilet adds a contemporary look to your bathroom where conserving space with a small elongated bowl. The 1.28-gallon high-efficiency flush offers significant water savings without sacrificing its performance. The smart seat is contoured with a contemporary, low-profile appearance.

The best part of the seat is the glowing blue LED nightlight which is aesthetically pleasing. Equipped with hybrid heater technology, the toilet offers unlimited and instant warm water for ultimate comfort. It has two flush options, including 1.1 GPF and 1.6 GPF, to help you save water.

Another great feature of the flushing mechanism is that it is made of high-quality ABS material, aging, and corrosion resistance. The seat has high-end soft-closing technology that is ultra silent. Last but not least, the manufacturer is offering five years warranty for this best one-piece toilet under 200.

  • Super quiet flush design
  • Limited five year warranty
  • Quick release toilet seat technology
  • Scratch resistant surface
  • High Quality Soft Closing Seat

  • New on the market

Essential Factors To Consider Before Buying Toilet Under 200

Before you make a decision, it is crucial to know various aspects of toilets. Here are some necessary factors you should consider before purchasing a toilet.

  • Size

The most essential factor is to consider the size of your toilet. For instance, if you are renovating your bathroom, you should know the rough-in size. For instance, the distance from the wall to the floor drains. Although the standard rough-in is 12 inches, if you are living in an old house, you may have 14 inches or 10 inches of rough-in. Considering the rough-in size, it helps to pick the right toilet.

  • Toilet height

Another important thing you should look for it’s the height of the toilet. A standard toilet height is 14 or 15 inches off the floor. You can also find comfortable height toilets 17 to 19 inches off the floor. Such types of toilets are typically recommended for people with different disabilities.

  • Toilet Style

There are different toilets types available on the market. The most common type of toilet is a two-piece toilet. In such a toilet, the tank and bowl are joined with bolts during installation.

Another popular toilet style is one-piece. In this toilet, the toilet tank and bowl are fused without any joints. There are wall-mounted toilets available too, where the pipes and tanks are hidden inside the bathroom walls. However, these toilets are more expensive and complex to install as compared to other toilets on the market.

  • Toilet Bowl shape

Toilets are commonly available in two shapes that include round and elongated.

The elongated toilet bowl shape offers extra sitting space and comes with more of an oval shape.

The round-shaped toilet is relevantly shorter than an oval-shaped toilet, and it is recommended for small-sized bathrooms.

  • Flushing technology

This technology is the core of your toilet. Modern toilets feature gravity flushing technology. In such toilets, the water forcefully enters the bowl.

These types of toilets operate ultra quietly and are convenient to maintain.

Another flushing technology for toilets is known as pressure-assisted. In such technology, the pressurized air forces water into the toilet bowl.

  • Appearance

The appearance of your toilet means a lot about your bathroom style. Most people love to go with white color toilets. However, you can choose your favorite one from bone, grey, black and tan color. Consider the theme of your bathroom and choose the best one to improve the aesthetics of the bathroom.

  • Water consumption

Do you know, according to federal law, your toilet should not consume more than 1.6 gallons of water for single flushing? That’s why manufacturers are producing water-saving toilets that use 1.1 or 1.2 gallons per flush. They are also known as Water Sense toilets.

  • Noise level

Nasty noises from the toilet can be seriously annoying, especially when they are attached to your bedroom or the nursery room? Make sure to consider the gravity flush system when choosing the best budget toilet. They are super quiet toilets with unique fill valves to operate silently.

  • Extra features

You can also find toilets that offer advanced features like overflow protection, heated seat, self-cleaning, Touchless flushing, and bidet functions. They are useful with additional features but can be expensive and need extra maintenance.

  • Top Selling Toilet under 200

Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet is top selling toilet under 200 featuring durable polypropylene plastic construction, triple jet bowl rinse along with a full-sized residential-style seat.

 Final words

A toilet is an essential part of your home and you have to pay proper attention to it. Offering wide range of feature and convenient usability, the toilet must be durable and super easy to clean. Although 200 is limited budget, but you can still find many best toilets in this range. All you need is to consider your needs, size of your bathroom and choose the right one for your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan of a toilet?

Typically the lifespan of a toilet is 10-15 years. However, it also depends on your usability and maintenance.

What is the best material for a toilet?

Durability means a lot when choosing a toilet for your bathroom. Ceramic is one of the most popular materials used for manufacturing toilets. Not only it is super durable but also easy to clean and maintain.

How often should I clean my toilet?

Experts recommend cleaning the toilet at least once a week. It will help to prevent bacterial buildup and improve the lifespan of your bathroom.

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