Deer Valley DV-1F52636A Compact Dual Flushing Toilet 2024

When we talk about toilet quality, Deer Valley is one respectable brand that cares for its customers. Whether you are looking for a power flushing toilet to deal with clogging issues or a dual flush toilet to reduce your water bill without compromising on performance, Deer Valley has everything for you. ‎

DV-1F52636A is one of the best selling Deer Valley toilets with excellent customer response. This indepth review of ‎DV-1F52636A will help you explore all the features, benefits, and drawbacks to help you make the right decision;

Deer Valley DV-1F52636A Compact Dual Flushing Toilet Review

‎Deer Valley ‎DV-1F52636A toilet review

·      Product details

StyleModern compact one-piece toilet
ColorWhite and black
Dimensions28.62″D x 15.47″W x 26.46″H
MaterialHigh-quality ceramic
BrandDeer Valley
InstallationFloor mount
Seat MaterialComfortable plastic
ManufacturerLETTOI LLC
Model #DV-1F52636A
Weight119.7 lbs
IncludedToilet, seat, flush valve, wax ring, bolts
FlushingDual Flushing technology
Rough in12 inches
Bowl HeightTop to Bottom 15.75 inches
Toilet Seat HeightTop to Bottom: 16.73 inches
Trap way diameter2.17 inches
  • Design & Materials

The DV-1F52636A features a sleek back-to-wall profile made entirely from glazed ceramic. The durable material maintains structural integrity while resisting stains and odor-causing mold growth. Its smooth, seamless design eliminates crevices where grime can accumulate.

Measuring 28.62″ long x 15.47″ wide x 26.46″ tall, the toilet has a compact yet comfortable footprint. At only 120 pounds, it’s also lightweight for easy installation and movement as needed. Available in white and black colors, it complements any bathroom style from modern to traditional.

  • Comfort & Ergonomics

Comfort begins with its chair-height seat positioned at a joint-friendly 17 inches. The ADA-compliant height eases sitting and standing, especially for elderly persons.

The elongated bowl shape provides added roominess compared to round-front models. 

Its generous 14.8” width and 11” front-to-back depth allow a natural seated posture. These ergonomic details, combined with a smooth glazed surface, support pain-free use.

  • Soft Closing Seat

The plastic seat lid has a soft-closing hinge to prevent noisy slamming. It also detaches easily for thorough cleaning via quick-release latches. 

An integrated bumper cushions the lid when closing to maintain its quiet operation over the long run.

  • Flushing Performance

A fully-glazed siphon jet flushing system powers the DV-1F52636A. The design efficiently moves waste through a smooth 2.17” glazed trapway into the drain. There are no crevices or joints where residue can build up over time.

Dual-flush functionality conserves water while thoroughly clearing waste. The 1.28 GPF heavy-duty flush handles solid waste, while the 0.6 GPF light flush is suitable for liquid waste. Both options use siphon jet technology for a power-packed performance.

Compared to typical 3.5 GPF or higher toilets, the DV-1F52636A can save thousands of gallons of water annually for a household. Its efficient flushing also prevents clogs that need drain cleaners or a plumber’s snake. Reliable flushing is important for maintaining plumbing system health.

  • Installation & Accessibility

Side mounting holes make the DV-1F52636A easy to secure to floor bolts without wrestling it into position from above or below. Its compact size fits the standard 12-inch rough-in measurement for a seamless installation within most bathroom layouts.

All necessary installation components like the wax ring, bolts, and supply line connectors are included. There are detailed instructions available in the user guide for homeowners and professional plumbers. The dual 3⁄4” and 1⁄2” inlet sizes accommodate varying supply line dimensions too.

Once mounted, the toilet’s ergonomic design promotes independence. The smooth curves and absence of sharp edges prevent injury risks. Its intuitive top-mounted flush handle places activation within easy reach. These accessibility features benefit all ages and abilities.

  • Durability & Quality Assurance

Deer Valley backs the DV-1F52636A with a lifetime limited warranty on the ceramic bowl and operating mechanisms. This speaks to their confidence that it will withstand daily use for many years to come without issue.

Glazed materials and fully-sealed trapway joints protect against leaks both inside and out. Solid construction will maintain proper flush performance without deteriorating over the long haul.

Compared to acrylic or plastic alternatives, glazed ceramic endures higher temperatures without melting or warping. Its non-porous surface resists mold, mildew, and stains. Regular cleaning restores it to like-new condition without abrasives that could damage softer materials.

  • Easy to clean & install
  • Included installation kit
  • Durable ceramic material
  • ADA compliant height
  • Powerful siphon flushing
  • Dual-flush technology
  • Smooth glazed surface
  • Compact size & Lightweight construction
  • Need regular cleaning  

Plumber Verdict

You should buy ‎DV-1F52636A if you want a durable, high-performing toilet for your residential use. Its compact size works is perfect for small spaces. 

Don’t buy DV-1F52636A if you are tight on budget, as quality comes at a higher price. Also, avoid large family homes due to regular intensive use outpacing its capabilities. 

For efficiency and comfort and most bathrooms, the Deer Valley DV-1F52636A toilet is highly recommended.

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