Difference Between European Toilets VS American Toilets 2024

European Toilets VS American

There are a few different options available in restrooms for Europeans, as opposed to the standard toilet bowl and urinal for Americans. The squat toilet is found primarily in eastern and southern Europe and there is just a hole in the floor. American toilets are common in the rest of Europe. There’s less noise, less splash back and less water used in European toilets.

A square toilet is a type of European toilet and is referred to as a squat toilet in some parts of Europe. The differences between American and European toilets go beyond these few things. Let’s figure out the main factors that make it differentiate between both. Let’s discuss;

European Toilets VS American

Toilet paper is extensively used in European countries but stocks in WCs are not always plentiful. For WCs without toilet paper carry pocket-sized tissue packs. There has never been a widespread recognition of bidets in American culture. There is a gap between the armor and the door so that it is possible to see if there is anyone inside who is in need of assistance.

The first responders can also take advantage of it since they can simply pull the occupant out of the building without needing to break the door down. This reluctance can be attributed to the use of bidets as an emergency contraception method in brothels.

What is American Toilet

Toilet paper can also be flushed along with liquid and solid wastes. The water inside the tank sends all of these things to the septic system. A round or elongated bowl is found on an American toilet. In the United States, toilets have a standard design and system, so there are no differences between states.

A North American toilet differs from a European or Asian toilet by using a siphonic system. Upon pressing the handle, water is released from the tank in the necessary amount.

In order to comply with government recommendations, every flush should contain at least 1.6 GPF. It is even possible to find toilets that operate at 1.28 GPF. It is still possible to flush water and waste down the toilet with a strong flushing system even when there is little water.

It is done with the use of a siphon-operated flushing system. When toilet paper or waste is dumped, it passes through the wavy trap before reaching the sewage system. It is possible for this trapway to become clogged because it is narrow.

What is a European Toilet

Since there are different types of European toilets including washdown toilets and squat toilets. In this article, we cover only the comparison between UK and US toilets. You can use the squat toilet by placing your hand on the ground and sitting on the bowl.

The washdown toilet has a deeper bowl than the American toilet. The system uses gravity to pump water from the tank rather than a siphon. Similar to the American siphon system of toilets, there are no pulling and pushing forces involved. As the waste is flushed down, it goes in a one-direction direction in Europe.

There isn’t much noise generated by gravity-operated toilets. In addition, European toilets consume less water than their American counterparts. The bowl can become clogged with waste particles. When this happens, users may experience bad odors.

It is common to hear about water-sprayed toilets in European countries. The bidet is used in European countries since people prefer to wash their behinds instead of wiping them with toilet paper. There are some people who would mistake it for a toilet because it looks like a toilet bowl. The correct use of your backside will enable you to clean it effectively.

Features of  American Toilet

You should review the features of the top-rated toilets before making a decision. American Standard’s Cadet toilet and its Champion toilet both have some essential features that you should consider.

Top Rated

American Standard Toilet

American Standard 613AA001.020 Champion 4 One-Piece Toilet with Toilet Seat and Wax Ring


  • Product Dimensions: 28.81″D x 16.75″W x 29.5″H
  • Material: Plastic, Vitreous China
  • Color: White
  • Installation Type: Floor Mounted

Toilet Type

There is a possibility of the toilet being able to withstand pressure up to 10 pounds per square inch depending on its model. Pressure-assisted and gravity-feed models are the most popular choices among homeowners.

Water can be delivered more efficiently through a larger valve when removing waste. Apart from having a lower noise level than the other toilet, these toilets are also quieter. Waste is moved through the drain using gravity when a gravity-feed toilet is used.  The standard toilet probably uses pressure to flush.

A pressure-assist toilet from American Standard has a lot of power, which is its most advantageous feature. It is true that they are louder but they are successful in dislodging waste which allows them to clean bowls and flush easier and faster than their counterparts.

Flow Type

Flow type plays an important role when conserving water and this has never been more apparent than now. A low-flow toilet from American Standard will consume significantly less water. You can select from a low- to mid-tier water consumption option when you use a unique flush valve.

There are a few features to consider when shopping for standard toilets, such as the type of flow. It is easier to keep clean with these toilets, especially when they are manufactured by brands like American Standard. Getting the same amount of power as before won’t require you to flush the toilet twice.


Finding toilets that are too low to the ground makes you feel uncomfortable. Typically, toilets have bowls of up to 19 inches in height such as the American Standard Cadet toilet. For you to be able to sit comfortably, you should choose an accessible height.

There is an average of 15 inches of height on most standard toilets, making them ideal for children but not ideal for adults. In addition to maintaining good posture while sitting, you should also remember to breathe. Depending on where it will be installed, pick a height that will accommodate those who will use it most often.

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Amounts Spent on Repairs

 You may find it convenient to have a special flushing mechanism in your American Standard Champion toilet but it may also increase the cost of repair. In the same way that you might repair any other item in your home, toilets can be costly to repair the more features they have.

There is a possibility of certain elements such as the tank seal, wearing out over time. Make sure the model you choose isn’t expensive to repair on your own rather than hiring a professional.

The cost of hiring a professional to fix your toilet should be added to your budget if you are likely to hire one. If you need to replace any parts on your American Standard toilet, you will also need to consider the cost.


You’ll want to ensure that your toilet has an impressive warranty before you shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for one. There are four different types of toilet warranties all of which range in duration from one year to ten years to life with the longest ones having the longest warranties.

You may not be adequately covered if you choose a cheaper model. Secondly, warranties usually don’t cover leaks or damage caused by excessive or harmful toilet cleaner use. There could be two warranties: one that covers the chinaware and one that covers the mechanical components.

Features of  European Toilet

An American-style toilet partition can easily be distinguished from a European-style toilet partition. European style offers a higher level of privacy. The squat toilet is essentially a hole in the ground found in southern and eastern Europe.

Top Rated

Fine Fixtures Vogue Wall hung toilet bowl 20″ European made


  • Color: White Ceramic
  • Dimensions: ‎21.5 x 14.12 x 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 60 Pounds
  • Installation Type: Wall Mounted

Toilet style

Public restrooms in European countries do not have partitions between the urinals but they are arranged in rows without them. Each drain is shared by all of them, so privacy is not an option. It is not uncommon for some individuals to be surprised by the squat toilet.

Flushing and Water

Water pressure is lower in Europe than in the U.S. Toilets in European countries use less water than those in American countries. Water conservation is more of a habit in Europe than in the U.S. As a result, water conservation is more of a habit in Europe than in the U.S. Conserving water is seen as a good practice no matter what the reason might be.


There are enclosed urinals that guarantee privacy in Europe even though public urinals are too open. American and European bathrooms can be distinguished by the partition.

There is an enclosed area for the toilet in European bathrooms. The enclosed toilets in European countries are so bad. Doing your business in the toilet can be done with the privacy you need. Because there are still squat toilets on every continent, the setting may vary.


Dual flush toilets are common in Europe, meaning that the amount of water and pressure differ. As you can see, there are some variations in flushing on European toilets.

After sitting on the throne of an old toilet, a pull chain can be pulled to open the door. As liquid waste consumes fewer water resources than solid waste, this is a useful method of conserving water.

Blockage or clogging

European toilets are wash-down systems. In the presence of water, the way goes down to be thrown away. Therefore, clogging and blockage are not problems. Toilets in Europe use less water than those in the United States.


We have covered both European and American type toilets in depth detail. Just get an idea, update your knowledge by reading this article and purchase what is suit for your needs. For flushing down liquid waste, you push the first button, then push the second big button. While American toilets flush solid and liquid wastes with a single handle, toilets in other countries use two handles. While there are differences between European and American toilets some are very similar.

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