How To Dissolve & Decompose Toilet Paper In Septic Tank 2024

How To Dissolve Toilet Paper In Septic Tank

Septic tanks handle toilet paper best when they use liquid formulas or natural enzyme-eating compounds. These compounds dissolve toilet paper without causing problems for your toilet. Another excellent way to empty your septic tank is by using biodegradable, recyclable or septic tank-safe toilet paper. So, let’s pen down a complete guide on How To Dissolve Toilet Paper in Septic Tank.

There are a variety of ways to dissolve toilet paper but we only explain that only verified and tested methods. A septic tank may pose a problem if you flush toilet paper.

How To Dissolve Toilet Paper In Septic Tank

In the first place, there’s nothing you need to do and toilet paper dissolves in water. The speed with which some toilet papers dissolve varies and it depends on the characteristics of the materials.

A simple test can determine your toilet paper type. We are here to discuss how important it is to dissolve the toilet paper. We will also explain which toilet paper is best for septic tanks.

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Best Techniques To Dissolve Toilet Paper in a Septic Tank

Getting rid of foul smells and toilet paper from a septic tank is the easiest thing you can do once you restore a balanced bacterial population. Therefore, different methods for dissolving toilet paper in your septic tank exist. You can follow any one of them to get appropriate results.

Using The Rid-X

The first verified method is to dissolve the toilet paper through Rid-X technique. In addition to its products designed to maintain septic tanks, Rid-X contains powerful enzymes that dissolve toilet paper within a septic tank The heavy nature of toilet paper makes it very slow to break down despite proper disposal.

The enzymes begin working when they are in contact with water. A septic tank’s bacteria also multiply and grow that helps to break down solid waste like toilet paper. It is best to use Rid-X once or twice weekly to get the best results. There is no difference in potency between using liquid Rid-X or powder Rid-X.

Using Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt is the easiest and safest way to dissolve the toilet paper. A simple solution for toilet paper and other objects stuck in your septic tank can be found at the grocery store in the form of Epsom salt.

After a shower with Epsom salt, your sewer system will become completely free of toilet paper, wipes, deodorants and tampons. Your pipes won’t be damaged by it since it’s not corrosive.

In addition to dissolving toilet paper, Epsom salt also helps eliminate fats and oils that are difficult to digest. In terms of a standard flush, Epsom salt can be relatively ineffective in unclogging toilet paper in your septic tank. The effects of the salt require a substantial amount.

Using Baking Soda And Vinegar

Dissolving the toilet paper with the help of vinegar and baking soda is a natural treatment for it. In the septic tank, the vinegar reacts with solid waste including toilet paper to break it down and enable flushing. The acidity of vinegar reduces odours as well.

It is possible to adjust the pH of baking soda to adjust the acidity of your septic tank. Adding baking soda, vinegar and boiling water will yield the best results.

Dishwashing Liquid And Hot Water

The toilet paper in a septic tank can be dissolved by heating it and adding dishwashing liquid. In a chemical reaction, these two catalyse the breakdown of the toilet paper fibres.

You should be able to dissolve toilet paper in your septic system with dishwasher liquid if the clog isn’t too bundled up. But keep in mind that you have to keep aware about the temperature of the water. Too hot water may damage the entire process.

Drain Cleaner

The drain cleaner contains lye, sodium hydroxide and water and is used to dissolve clogs in the toilet. The chemical compound lye is highly effective in dissolving materials that shouldn’t go down the drain. You can also use the dry cleaner if the drain cleaner is not working properly.

Using Aspirin

Wood pulp is used to make toilet paper which is water insoluble. This product contains acetylsalicylic acid soluble in water.

This means that if you dissolve aspirin in water and pour it into a septic tank, it’ll dissolve the septic tank toilet paper. In a matter of time, it will break down all the fibres in your toilet paper allowing the clog to be cleared out completely.

Using Bacterial Packets

Live bacteria packets in septic tanks and toilets are relatively new. The packets work by unclogging toilet paper and other solid wastes.

Your septic tank will stay clean and function properly if you use them, preventing any clogs or malfunctions caused by solid waste buildup.

Using these packets will ensure that solids are dissolved immediately due to the healthy balance of microorganisms. A septic tank can dissolve toilet paper quickly with the introduction of live bacteria packets.

Using Coke

Using Caustic soda or sodium hydroxide to dissolve toilet paper is common. It is the cheapest and easiest way to dissolve toilet paper. In septic tanks, this substance accelerates the process of dissolving toilet paper. Your septic system will break down your toilet paper when you pour a can of coke on it.

What Types of Toilet Paper are Recommended To Use

Thick toilet paper will require more time to dissolve since it is thicker. This is counterintuitive since more tissue will take longer to dissolve when flushed, so more tissue will not disintegrate as quickly. Read out here which toilet paper you should use to reduce the dissolving toilet paper issues.

Biodegradable Paper

In addition to being good for your septic system, biodegradable toilet paper is also easy to flush because it breaks down rapidly when submerged in water. It contains fibres that are non-dissolvable and have looser bonds.

Disintegrating Toilet Paper

The disintegration of some bathroom tissues is due to water contact. They disappear a few seconds after you throw them in the toilet bowl. If you’re concerned about the health of your septic tank, consider using these types of toilet paper.

Recycled Toilet Paper

It is also a great idea to use recycled bathroom tissue. The fibres in recycled paper are short as compared to ordinary tissues and can easily disintegrate when exposed to water. A smaller piece is less likely to get caught on a corner or have rough spots in the plumbing.

Water immediately disintegrates them due to their chemical composition. Your septic system will not be affected by using this type of toilet paper.

Use Tissue Judiciously

When you go to the bathroom, use a few sheets of paper instead of tearing a large ball of tissue. This way, you will avoid draining large chunks of tissue at once.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Bleach in the Toilet Dissolve Toilet Paper?

Of course It can. A septic system can be damaged by too much bleach. Biodegradable bathroom tissues dissolve completely and quickly in water.

How long does it take for toilet paper to dissolve?

The time needed for toilet paper to dissolve varies depending on the brand. Timing how long it will take for your brand of toilet paper to dissolve in a clear glass container filled with water will show how long it will take.

Can too much toilet paper clog a septic system?

The toilet tank can fill up rapidly if too much toilet paper is used, requiring frequent cleanings. The tank can fail prematurely if this buildup is not cleaned regularly or if clean-outs are not performed when necessary.

Wrapping It

Finally, this is the complete information How to resolve toilet paper in Septic Tank. This guide is mainly based on least expensive and best suited to your goals. The tank will be provided with enzymes as a result of this. The importance of organisation cannot be overstated. It is on our list of priorities to clean our septic tanks which will prevent many problems down the road.

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