How To Prevent &Remove Poop From Sticking To Toilet Bowl 2024

How To Prevent Poop From Sticking To Toilet Bowl

Increase your water intake to help with sticky stool. Healthy digestion and healthy stools depend on staying hydrated. In general, it is recommended that people drink eight glasses of water per day and it may vary from person to person. Poop tends to stick to toilet bowls today, so many people want to learn “How To Prevent Poop From Sticking To Toilet Bowl.”

One needs to keep a bowl clean for health reasons, which is why people usually wonder about this. We are sharing this blog post with you to provide some ideas for keeping your bathroom clean. It is common knowledge that toilet bowls contain many pathogenic bacteria.

How To Prevent Poop From Sticking To Toilet Bowl

Keeping our toilets clean will inadvertently create a situation that promotes the growth of bacteria and can harm our families health. If you don’t clean your toilet bowl periodically, it will become just as dirty as the toilet. We are providing here different ways to keep your bowl clean from poop.

Clean the Toilet With Water Regularly

This method will require some patience and time on your part. Poop dissolves more quickly when it is softened with hot water. Several process repetitions will be required to get the desired results.

Take the bucket of hot water and empty it into the toilet. In such cases, you can draw a bucket above the toilet and then use the hot water from the shower to fill it. There can be too much heat coming from the shower pipes. As a result, the bucket is a safer option.

Wait a few minutes, depending on how you poured the water into the toilet before you flush to soften the poop. The poop should be flushed out of the toilet bowl in approximately five minutes by flushing the water normally.

Adding detergent and waiting 5 minutes until the detergent softens the poop will help if the poop remains. You should repeat this process after you have poured hot water, waited for another 5 minutes, and then flushed.

Use Non-sticky Spray

There might be a lack of information on your part if you have never heard of it. You can keep your toilet smooth with non-sticky sprays. Be sure to spray over the toilet bowl before you use it to keep it clean. The toilet bowl will remain slippery without leaving any stubborn stains or traces on it due to its excellent slippery coating.

Replace Your Old Toilet

Even though toilets do not last very long, newer models are more functional than older models. Your toilet must be replaced if your poop sticks to it but not with others. If your poop sticks continuously to the toilet bowl, it might be uncomfortable and unpleasant. Keeping your toilet clean daily is the easiest way to avoid embarrassment.

Use The Right Toilet Cleaning Ingredients

You must know what ingredients to use for cleaning the toilet bowl properly. Cleaning your toilet regularly requires a good quality brush, bleach and water. Coca-cola can be used as a DIY bleaching product if you want to keep the bowl shinier.

You can use various ingredients to clean the bowl and make it shinier. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Coca Cola

Poop can be prevented from sticking to the toilet bowl by using Coca-Cola. The toilet is filled with water. Fill a 1.5 liter Coca-Cola bottle with water to ensure it rises high enough to reach the stain on the wall of the toilet. You will need to soak the toilet for a while after pouring the Coca-Cola juice in.

The best time to accomplish this task is in the evenings and overnight. The carbonic acid in Coca-Cola will be converted to yellow stains in your toilet due to this. Removing the yellow stain from the toilet will make the toilet look cleaner and brighter. In some cases, it may be necessary to soak Coca-Cola colostrum several times to remove yellow stains from the toilet bowl.

Baking Soda

We also suggested trying some baking soda if the Coca-Cola didn’t work. Baking soda can be used in various ways depending on your house’s additional items like vinegar and plastic foil.

Adding vinegar to the toilet assumes pouring soda into it first, then adding vinegar gradually after that. The vinegar should dissolve the poop if it is poured until it stops foaming and flushed afterward. The vinegar should dissolve the poop if it is poured until it stops foaming and flushed afterward.

Hot water is now provided in an upgraded manner using plastic foil. Before adding the baking soda, pour the warm water.


The plunger is the fastest and cleanest method when it comes to unclogging the toilet. The method has been successful for many people. If brushing does not work, you should use a plunger.

You should make a vacuum in the toilet by using a wide plunger to fit into the aperture. As soon as you have a vacuum, grab the plunger and slowly move it up and down until the vacuum is created. The speed can be gradually increased once you have reached your desired level.

Pumice Stone

Pumice stones are recommended to avoid poop sticking to toilet bowls. Stealing from the toilet is quite simple when you buy pumice in grocery stores or sanitary ware stores.

When you do this, you will hear the toilet cry, but the porcelain will not be harmed. Yellow stains will be removed entirely from the toilet surface to restore their glossy appearance.

Chemicals To Unclog

The chemicals in your bathroom are strong enough to unclog a toilet clogged with dirt and more difficult to dissolve than poop. If your bathroom has chemicals, you shouldn’t have to worry about dissolving the poop.

It depends on the product you use and how long it takes for poop to disintegrate. Even the toughest clog in a toilet disintegrates within 7 minutes of using this product. You can solve the poop problem in only 5 minutes. Once you pour the Drano gel and wait for five minutes, the poop will disappear. After that, flush, and your problem is solved.

Improve Your Diet

It depends not only on the type of ingredient you use but also on the type of diet you eat. Consider replacing unhealthy food with fruits and vegetables if you or your family consume many fattening foods. Softer stools can also be achieved by drinking more water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if the poop is too large to flush with water?

If you are stuck with the giant poop, use the hot water for flushing.

Which method is best to flush the heavy poop?

Use water or some other special ingredient to flush the poop easily. It also sparks your toilet bowl.


You are in danger if you are not focusing on cleaning the toilet bowl. You can prevent the spread of diseases in your home and even at work by getting rid of sticky poop from your toilet. Regularly cleaning your bathrooms with the proper tools will keep your family and other toilet users healthy and happy. If you still feel any confusion at any point, ask in the comment section.

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