How To Unclog Toilet Clogged With Flushable Baby Wipes 2023

How To Unclog Toilet Clogged With Flushable Wipes

A drain auger can be used to dislodge clogs created by flushable wipes in your toilet. Invert the L-shaped auger end into the toilet bowl and push it in slowly. So, It became important to discuss How To Unclog Toilet Clogged With Flushable Wipes.

The auger arm should be rotated in a circular motion once it has been placed in the hole. The clog is beginning to ease if there is bubbling in the toilet

How To Unclog Toilet Clogged With Flushable Wipes

It’s easy for flushable wipes to catch in drains especially since they aren’t degradable. It is fortunately possible to remove a clog in several ways. The only alternative is to seek professional help if all else fails.

Even flushable wipes can still clog your toilet, so we want to be clear. In other words, no matter what kind of flush your restroom has, it’s best not to flush any kind of wipes down it.

Use Your Hands

There may not be much appeal to this solution. This is one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to unclog a drain. It is possible to reach into the cabinet and grab wipes if they are close enough.

This might require you to wear gloves. In addition, you should keep a garbage bag handy for the soggy wipes and wash your hands.

This prevents non-degradable substances from being forced through your pipes. The clog might be prevented from becoming more problematic later on.

You should touch the wipes in the trap if you push your hand into the drain as far as you can.

You will be able to accomplish all of this much more easily if you shut off the water supply and drain the toilet first. You can get rid of the dampness by sponging out the inside of the drain.

Use The Toilet Plunger

It’s better to use the toilet plunger. In some cases, taking items out of the toilet with a plunger may be possible but it is more likely to force them down the drain if you use one.

The only objective you have is to unclog the toilet. The plunger is a common bathroom tool you probably already have, so use it to unseal the bowl.

A reasonably wet toilet should allow the plunger to seal properly. In order to ensure a tight fit, press the plunger against the rim of the toilet bowl.

Your toilet will be unclogged after a few pushes and pulls to release trapped air.

You should plunge the bathroom drain multiple times until you hear water gurgling. This means the baby wipes have been released down the drain by the plunger.

Try Using a Toilet Auger or Plumbing Snake

The toilet auger should be used if the plunger cannot remove the stuck baby wipes. To reach the baby wipes deep inside the toilet bowl, this gadget is also known as a toilet snake.

By inserting the drill into the pipe and cranking it clockwise, you can loosen blockages with its auger head attached to a wire cable. The toilet clog will likely open after you hear and feel it.

In order to grasp and pull material, most toilet snakes are equipped with claws. In other words, you can dispose of baby wipes in the trash after removing them from the toilet.

Use Lubricate Clogged Baby Wipes & Dish Soap

You can also use dish soap to clear toilet clogs. A major reason why soap is so useful is because it reduces water’s surface tension. Clogged baby wipes are easier to flush down the drain with the lubrication feature.

Make sure all surfaces inside the toilet bowl have been coated with dish soap by pouring some into the bowl and waiting a few minutes.

You should then rinse the bowl with hot water and soak all obstructions for a while.

It’s not entirely effective especially if your clog is huge but it’s worth trying. It may even be possible for you to unclog the toilet without using your hands.

You should also avoid overflowing. The bowl of a fully clogged toilet may flood if you pour too much dish soap and water into it.

Call a Professional Plumber

There are times when unclogging a toilet is impossible. A professional plumber is the only solution and it’ll be costly but it’s the only option.

When you don’t feel comfortable handling plungers and augers on your own, you can hire a plumber to do it for you.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Flush Baby Wipes Down the Toilet?

Flushing baby wipes down the toilet is not a good idea. There are three reasons to avoid doing it if you want.

Baby Wipes Are Not Flushable

It is first important to avoid flushing baby wipes since they cannot be flushed. There are a lot of manufacturers who claim different things. It is unlikely to happen in the majority of cases.

We don’t see a lot of difference between “flushable” baby wipes and ones that aren’t, since they are both made of non-biodegradable materials.

Baby Wipes Clog Toilet Drains

In addition, flushing baby wipes down the toilet will quickly clog the pipes since they can accumulate in them quickly.

In contrast to toilet paper, baby wipes cause clogs to grow by binding to additional particles, attracting and attracting additional particles.

There is a particular danger to septic systems caused by baby wipes. Septic tanks accumulate waste faster after these chemicals destroy the beneficial bacteria. It is impossible to dissolve baby wipes, unlike toilet paper.

Chemical Can Not Dissolve Them

In terms of durability, baby wipes are made by manufacturers. Cleaning products rarely react with them because they don’t dissolve in water.

It happens because bleach cannot break up the clogs, it does not work as a traditional toilet cleaner. Adding bleach to the mix simply makes matters worse.

It is also important to note that the chemicals used to dissolve baby wipes can damage utility wires. Their strength is too great for plastic and steel components.

Best Way For Prevention of Toilet Clogging

Taking preventive measures against clogged pipes can be as simple as changing your habits of throwing things that can cause a blockage in the toilet.

It is possible to prevent some problems from occurring by changing household habits while others require the assistance of a plumber who is experienced in preventing these problems from occurring.

A good way to prevent the spread of disease is to stop using flushable wipes entirely. It is better to use toilet paper foam instead of wet wipes.

In contrast, a company called Fohm makes 100% flushable wet wipes from dry, harsh toilet paper.

In comparison to conventional toilet paper, foam dispensers offer more hygienic use and are better for sewage systems than flushable wipes. Related Article.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Unclog a Toilet Full of Wet Wipes?

Wet wipes should be removed as much as possible by hand and alternatives to disposal should be sought. The clog in your toilet can be loosen using various methods but you may have to contact a plumber if the issue spreads further down the drain. A clogged main sewage line will cost more to unclog than a clogged toilet.

Will one baby wipe clog toilets?

One baby wipe can clog the toilet. There is still a chance that it will cause future clogs even if it does not clog the toilet immediately.

Can you use rid x to unclog a toilet?

It is a septic tank treatment called rid-x. In the septic tank, this aids in the breakdown of organic waste. However, it will not unclog a toilet.

Final Words

If you remove the wipes in their original position from the toilet, you have guaranteed that the problem has been permanently resolved.

It is possible to loosen the clog just enough for it to be flushed farther down the line but you do not know for sure that the baby wipes will not clog the pipes again.

The chemicals in baby wipes cannot dissolve them so you will have to dissolve them by hand. A plunger, a toilet auger or soap can also be used to grab wipes by hand. The best option is to hire a plumber.

The best way to prevent a toilet clogged with baby wipes is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Your toilet will work better and you will save time.

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