What Is An Elongated Toilet [Oval Egg Shaped Commode] 2024

What Is An Elongated Toilet

What is an elongated toilet front end name after this feature? Unlike the standard wash sets, this oval wash set has more space on the front side. Although elongated toilets have many advantages, many people are unaware of what they are.

Where you need to be, if that person is you, I will provide you with a comprehensive overview of what an elongated toilet is all about. The purpose, benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of its dimensions are describing.

All Details Regarding What Is An Elongated Toilet?

A toilet with an elongated bowl and a longer front is called an elongated toilet. The toilet parts can measure just under 18.5 inches, from the rear bolt holes to the toilet’s front edge.

The toilet in this type will have similar dimensions so that the egg shape is adequately covered. Although it is only an estimate, there are other measurements you can get as well.

Most of the toilet’s dimensions can be separated from its back post by the length of its most extended leg at the front. From the wall to the front of the toilet, the distance can be up to 31 inches.

As well as measuring 18.5 inches longer than the round toilets, the toilet seat will be two inches longer.

The elongated compact toilets should fit in smaller bathrooms, but their oval shape should also suit other bathroom designs. The taller the two-piece toilet, the larger it would be.

What Is An Elongated Toilet, And Why Did We Choose It?

The following are possible reasons why you might want a long table beside the design which draws so many people:

A spacious bathroom would be ideal. A comfortable toilet design is one of the best investments you can make.

When you have taller people in your home, especially tall men and women, elongated models are a great choice. The bowl shape gives them more space and is more comfortable.

As well as spaciousness, men appreciate the angled interior of the bowl that prevents splash back. It is possible to reduce infection spread by avoiding contact with the rim or ring of a seat.

When designing a design, you need to have a place for your hands, either in front or back. The smaller your bathroom is and the more difficult it will be to use them.

Characteristics Of An Elongated Toilet

The design of the elongated toilet’s bowl and shape make this toilet unique. You should expect the following features:

1. Look And Style Of Toilet

One-piece toilets are standard in elongated models. As a result of its seamless design, it looks slick yet is easy to operate and install especially for wide spaces.

There aren’t many surfaces where mold, mildew, and dirt can survive, so it’s easier to clean. The price of one-piece toilets often exceeds the cost of two-piece toilets.

2. Use Gallons Of Water 

It is more efficient to conserve water by using elongated toilet seats.

There is enough water to flush any waste away, consuming approximately 1.6 gallons per flush. Water consumption reduces, and the cost of your utility bill reduces as well.

3. Dimensions Of Toilet

The rough size of this bowl design makes it easy to fit in small spaces, especially those that lack space.

The distance between the side of a toilet/ wall and the midpoint of the plumbing lines. Compact objects are those whose dimensions are small. Hence, they are best for small spaces.

4. Elongated Are Durable

Because made of metal, durability does not depend directly on its length.

Although, in terms of aesthetics, elongated toilets have a more incredible luxury thanks to their sleek and shingled porcelain, along with enameled ink and vitreous China coloring. As well as adding sheen, it increases the lifespan by over ten years.

5. Flush Type And Performance

A flushing system’s type and performance are next on the list.

It can install Different flushing systems inside the elongated toilet to suit your preferences and requirements. You might say, for instance;

  • A traditional flushing method uses gravity by forcing water down into the bowl.
  • Flushing assisted by pressure – with this method, more pressure exerts on the water. Although it will be more powerful, it may be noisier.
  • Toilets with dual flushes allow for water-saving and environmental preservation by allowing two different ways to flush.

6. How To Install Elongated

Elongated are easier to install than other varieties of toilets, so they are popular with many homeowners. The one-piece model is the most popular. Anyone can install these without the need for a plumber through DIY options. The amount of time you dedicate to other dependents depends on your willingness to give up on other dependents.

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