How To Choose & Pick Out A Toilet [Toilet Buying Guide] 2024

How To Choose A New Toilet

Nevertheless, this is to write how to choose a toilet. It is essential to remember that there are different features to look for when selecting the best bathroom for your home since a good toilet will have them. To better understand some of your questions and some blanks in them, I’d like to go over the basics of bathrooms;

The Complete Detailed Guide On How To Choose A Toilet

This kind of guide aims not to provide you with confusing information using but rather to give you an easy way to organize your thoughts on one page. As long as you have the features you require, there is no way to make a mistake, and after reading this list of features, you will have a better understanding of what’s reasonable to install at home. Moreover, installing the new generation of toilets is much easier than installing older models since they require less maintenance.

Styles And Types Of Toilets

Modern, traditional, transitional, eclectic, and contemporary toilets are some styles available. You can gauge what type of toilet is right for you based on what kind you prefer.

There are various types of toilets, including two-pieces, one-pieces, and tankless options. To choose the proper bathroom, you should consider several factors.

A two-piece toilet consists of two parts: a bowl and a tank, which are attached. Bowls and tanks can be mixed and matched depending on the model. During an exchange, make sure your tank in a position adequately after the bolt holes of your bowl. I can find several types of toilets in two-piece forms.

Will seamlessly integrate the toilet and the bowl of one-piece toilets. Modern or contemporary bathrooms will appreciate the sleek, clean look that this design creates. One-piece toilets are easier to clean, and they are, as in comparison, easy to install. A uni piece toilet is the elegant design of these fixtures ideal for modern, contemporary, and eclectic bathrooms.

As opposed to one- and two-piece toilets, tankless toilets do not have one. You can save space by using this design to impart a minimalist appearance to all bathroom sizes. Cleanliness is easier with tankless toilets than with traditional toilets. Moreover, because the water supply line is directly attached to the bathroom, they typically flush faster and more powerfully. Modern and contemporary styles are best suited for this type of toilet.

The wall-mounted toilet, also known as a wall-hung toilet, can save space on the floor because we bolt it to the wall. Having a wall-mounted toilet is an excellent option for family members who have difficulty transferring from their wheelchair or walker. Small bathrooms will also benefit from this type of toilet. It is essential to check the thickness of the walls before choosing this type of toilet. Contemporary, modern, and eclectic interiors look good when toilets mount on the wall.

Make Your Choice Between Round Versus Elongated Bowls

Your toilet bowl is the following item to consider. Toilet bowls can be shaped based on the bathroom’s layout. Round bowls take up little space because of their spherical shape, making them excellent choices for narrow bathrooms.

To maximize comfort and style in a large bathroom, consider elongated bowls. In comparison to the round bowl, the elongated bowl is longer and more oval.

Flushing Performance Should Consider.

When choosing a toilet, don’t forget to select one with an efficient flushing mechanism—using solid waste removal as a metric, MaP tests for toilet flushing performance independently of the brand. A flush considers being effective when the amount is between 250 grams and 1,000 grams—the higher the amount, the better the flush. Although not every model is listed, MaP’s impressive database of more than 2,000 toilet models is worth checking out!

A gravity toilet flushes waste using gravity. The tank stores water released when the flush handle turns on, flowing downward and washing the trash out of the bowl. Home toilets like this are most common.

The tank containing the pressurized toilet includes a mechanical mechanism. Providing an efficient way to dispose of waste when flushed, the tank pumps water out when the bathroom turns on, the water conserves during the process. Most commercial buildings have these types of toilets. Despite being more water-efficient than gravity toilets, pressure-assisted toilets are more difficult to install. A plumber should install the flushing system.

Aspects To Consider How Water Efficient

When you select a water-efficient toilet, you will save $120+ on your water bills each year and support the environment. Water-saving toilets use only 1.28 gallons per flush, as opposed to the federal standard of 1.6 gallons.

Another water-saving option is dual flush toilets. There is a flushing handle on this toilet that uses less water when flushing liquid waste than when flushing solid waste. By washing this way, you will save water while increasing efficiency.

The WaterSense label on the product is a good indicator of a water-efficient toilet. Up to 20% less water use when using a WaterSense toilet compared to a traditional bathroom.

 Accessibility Is A Big Concern.

Even if you sell your home soon, ADA-compliant toilets are a wise investment.  Standard toilets feature a bowl height of 14.5 inches; accessible toilets have 16-18 inch bowl heights. Its comfort height makes it possible to transfer from a wheelchair or walker and offers increased comfort.

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