Pressure Assist Toilet VS Gravity(Comparison Review) 2024

Pressure Assist Toilet VS Gravity

Gravity-flush toilets require more water to flush waste, whereas pressure-assisted toilets do not. The more effectively they flush waste, the less residue they leave in the toilet bowl than gravity-flush toilets. Water savings from pressure-assist toilets can reach two thousand gallons annually. In the long run, it makes sense to use fewer gallons per flush. Your monthly budget as well as your plumbing will benefit from a pressure toilet.

A gravity-fed toilet flushes down waste after lifting a lever on a flushing valve to allow water to enter the bowl. Pressure-assist toilets, however, rely solely on air, not water. As the water and waste emerge from the rim, the pressurized air draws them in. In the following paragraphs, you will find more specifications. Let’s discuss;

Pressure Assist Toilet VS Gravity

Today, there are many types of toilets to choose from but finding one that matches your needs can be challenging. There are several brands and designs available as well as toilets made from different materials. The style and specifications of a product determine how much water is used. Some use little while others use a lot.

What is a Pressure Assist Toilet?

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American Standard Pressure Assited Toilet

American Standard 2034314.020 Pressure Assisted Champion 4 One-Piece Toilet


  • Product Dimensions: 29.75″D x 17.75″W x 29.5″H
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Item Weight: 118 Pounds
  • Brand: American Standard

A pressurized cavity is created when air is displaced by water within the system unit. All the waste is carried away with the water when the trigger is pressed.

Water is pushed into the bowl using high levels of force from a pressurized tank when this type of toilet flushes. As air goes through the flushing mechanism, the water is pushed out causing a whooshing sound. When a pressure-assist toilet stores its pressure system in the tank where the water is stored, the toilet is a regular type.

The pressure cylinder generates pressure without a pump or motor by connecting to the water supply to the toilet. In this process, the pressure tank fills up with water when the chain is flushed.

Traditional toilets function through gravity not pressure. Pressure-assist toilets are stronger. In addition to flushing down waste efficiently, it uses less water as well.

The bowl doesn’t have to be cleaned frequently because the bulk of the water stays in the bowl for a long time. There is no sweating or condensation on this toilet thanks to its tank system. This prevents the bathroom from becoming humid.

It is difficult to find some replacement parts. Plumbing supply houses require special orders or in-person visits. You cannot experience the noise of flushing this toilet from a gravity-operated toilet.

What Is a Gravity Toilet?

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Dometic 300 Series Gravity-Flush RV Toilet

Dometic 300 Series Gravity-Flush RV Toilet | Powerful Triple-Jet Action Flush with Adjustable Water Level


  • Product Dimensions: 19.25″D x 15″W x 20″H
  • Material: Polypropylene, Plastic
  • Item Weight: 8.25 Pounds
  • Brand: Dometic

A toilet’s flushing performance will be determined by the tank’s size and height above the bowl. There is nothing more basic than a gravity-fed toilet. By using gravity to push the waste down, it serves as a flushing mechanism. As water flows from the tank into the bowl, a siphoning effect creates a flow of waste out of the bowl and into the pipes.

In contrast to gravity-assisted toilets, gravity-assisted toilets flush very slowly and barely. It is now more common for gravity-assisted toilets to handle less volume in the tank. However, some need a little boost from time to time.

Once the handle is engaged, water will flow into the bowl. Water flows into the tank through another pipe until it’s shut off by a float.

In the event of repairs being necessary, a professional will not be needed since this toilet has a simple design. There are fewer parts that need to be moved, so it is easier to do it on your own. Consequently, you won’t have to spend a great deal of money on repairs.

This toilet may have an issue with its flush handle and chain. Despite pressing the handle all the way down, it isn’t flushing for some users. An unstrung flapper chain occurs when one end of the chain becomes loosened.

There can be a problem with too long chains which prevent the flushing from working. Slackness can be eliminated by tightening the chain in this case.

Details Features of Gravity Toilet and Pressure Assist Toilet

Water Consumption

There is a difference in water consumption between gravity toilets and pressure assist toilets. When flushing with an assisted toilet, 6 or 4 gallons of water are used.

The use of water can be increased as well by leaks, in addition to consumption. This is caused by the filler pipe spilling continuous water into the tank of the gravity toilet.

Pressure-assist toilets do not usually experience this problem because the cylindrical tank is watertight. Moreover, the bowl will be dry. Your toilet won’t become contaminated by bacteria. The key to avoiding any diseases is to maintain good hygiene.

Hygiene And Efficiency

Pressure is deemed hygienic because it destroys every bit of waste. The bowl may contain some waste. The system is capable of handling high traffic daily as long as there are no problems with it.

Unlike gravity-fed systems, gravity-fed systems do not require this. When you have many users, you have to clean often due to the mess that can be created.

There are effective cleaners available on the market such as Kaboom and Clorox. The waste left behind after flushing is rare with pressure-assist toilets. Books and balls can be thrown away by pressure-assist toilets.

Maintenance And Repair

The temperature fluctuations in a gravity toilet such as cold-hot-cold-hot can result in leaks and breaks. You’ll probably need to purchase some parts at a hardware store. This toilet will last for a long time even if you have to do some repairs.

It has a complex design such as a pressure cavity within the tank which makes pressure assist toilets a new invention. Nowadays, it’s quite easy to find replacement parts online, so you don’t have to go far to find them.

The only way to fix some pressure-assisted toilet problems is to hire a specialist, apart from taking more time and effort to find a replacement. The cost is high. Gravity toilets can be repaired by yourself when they have problems.

You should be aware that the pressure that is applied while a toilet is operating can damage the pipe’s nozzles and joints. To prevent leaks, it’s important to make sure your pipes are the right ones.


It seems that no solution has yet been found for the noise coming from a pressure-assist toilet despite the fact that it has been developed recently.

The pressure cylinder is used to displace the air. A noise similar to an airplane is produced when the air runs through the system during flushing.

When it’s quiet and you can wake someone up in the middle of the night, it can be a nuisance. A traditional toilet operates quietly, so this does not pose a problem.

Water Supply

The gravity in traditional toilets makes them work, so pressure can’t be incorporated. The water supply must be strong and consistent when pressure is applied to a toilet.

When you have a traditional toilet, you do not need to be concerned about this issue. The new models are what you have when you have them. Living on top of the hill, you cannot handle pressure-assist work.

Additionally, the water supply needs to sit comfortably on 25 pounds. Toilet tanks can experience pressure based on air placement per square inch.

A pressure gauge can help you determine whether or not this criterion is being met. Professionals can handle this process if you are not familiar with it.

Matter or Pressure

Gravity-assist generally costs less than pressure-assist. Ceramic is used in its construction, and inside the tank is a pressure cylinder. There will be times when stronger pipes will need to be installed in some houses to handle pressure.

Inappropriate pipes led to the rupture of 300 toilets according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The incident resulted in 14 serious injuries. To evaluate the safety risk associated with pressure-assist toilets, 2.3 million were examined.

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Functionality & Durability

The waste disposal capabilities of both toilets are excellent. In some places, sewer repair services might be needed for specialized pressure-assisted toilets which have a bit more sophistication.

Additionally, pressure-assisted toilets have been recalled because the air tanks ruptured over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of pressure assisted toilets?

Water-efficient toilets feature pressure-assist over the gravity toilet.. Having fewer moving parts reduces the likelihood of them breaking or requiring maintenance. Older homes with corroded pipes require more force to flush waste through, so their strong flushing ability is useful.

How much pressure do I need on my toilet?

Water savings from pressure-assist toilets can reach 2,000 gallons a year. It adds up over time to use fewer gallons for each flush. As such, you should invest in a pressure toilet to increase your monthly budget as well as to enhance the quality of your plumbing.

What are the chances of pressure-assist toilets clogging?

The extra force that is provided by pressurized systems allows toilets with pressurized systems to flush the bowl in one motion. Additionally, this is one of the reasons why pressure-assisted toilets are far less prone to clogging. Power flushes force things down the drainpipe that clog gravity toilets.


There are few plumbing fixtures that are more efficient than the toilet in the home. Human waste is disposed of in the toilet or into a septic tank or main sewer system. The toilet is the largest water consumer inside the house using almost 30% of all indoor water.

Pressure assisted toilets are still more popular than gravity flush toilets though gravity flush toilets have been around for many years. The cost-effectiveness of these devices makes them popular with homes and businesses.

Water is saved by pressure-assist toilets which flush more waste simultaneously. If you would like to purchase any of the toilets, you should take your needs and budget into account.

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