Are Taller Toilets Better(Benefits Of Tall Height Toilet)2024

Are Taller Toilets Better

Toilet height plays a crucial role in maximum comfort and convenience for different individuals as all people don’t have the same height. A person with a tall height feels uncomfortable if the toilet isn’t according to his stand. This brings us to the question, are taller toilets better? Let’s find out!

Are Taller Toilets Better?

Taller toilets, also known as comfort height toilets or ADA-compliant toilets, are designed with a higher seat height to accommodate individuals with different heights, mobility limitations, or those who simply prefer a higher seating position.

These toilets offer added comfort and ease of use, especially for taller individuals, seniors, and those with mobility issues.

What Are The Benefits Of A Taller Toilet?

Taller toilets offer many benefits, particularly for taller individuals. Here are five prominent benefits of taller toilets.

  • Increased Comfort

The increased height of a taller toilet reduces strain on the knees and joints to provide added comfort during use, especially for taller individuals who may find standard toilets too low.

  • Ease of Sitting and Standing

The higher seating position of a taller toilet makes it easier for users to sit down and stand up. It effectively reduces the need for excessive bending or squatting.

  • Accessibility

Taller toilets meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements which makes them more accessible for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities.

  • Improved Posture

The elevated seating position of a taller toilet promotes better posture. They reduce the risk of back and hip discomfort, especially for taller users.

  •  Universal Design

A Taller toilet accommodates different heights and needs to ensure inclusivity and convenience for all.

  • Drawbacks of taller toilets

While taller toilets have benefits, there are a few technical drawbacks to consider.

One drawback is that shorter individuals or children find it uncomfortable or challenging to use a taller toilet.

If you have a smaller bathroom with limited vertical space, installing a taller toilet is not recommended due to height issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Are taller toilets more expensive?

Taller toilets are more expensive compared to standard height toilets due to their specialized design and additional features.

What is the difference between a short and tall toilet?

The main difference between a short and tall toilet is their height. Taller toilets are recommended for older adults and taller people whereas shorter toilets work best for children and petite adults.

Taller toilets or Comfort height toilets have 17 to 19 inches height from the ground whereas standard height toilets have 14.5 to 16 inches height from the ground.

Is 21 inches too high for a toilet?

A toilet taller than 19 inches is recommended for individuals over 6 feet tall who find it difficult to use comfort toilets due to their height. Extra tall toilets are 20 to 21 inches from floor to bowl but are still compact enough to fit in the standard sized bathroom.

Are taller toilets difficult to install?

Installing a taller toilet is challenging compared to a standard height toilet due to the increased height. It needs adjustments to the plumbing and ensure proper alignment with the existing plumbing connections.

Are taller toilets good for the elderly?

Taller toilets are beneficial for the elderly. The increased height of comfort height toilets reduces the strain on the knees and joints which helps elderly persons to sit down and stand up.

What toilet height is best for seniors?

The best toilet height for seniors is a comfort height toilet, which is between 17 and 19 inches tall, measured from the floor to the top of the toilet bowl.

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