How To Convert Floor Toilet To Wall Mount(Plumbing Tips)2024

How To Convert Floor Toilet To Wall Mount

Converting a floor mounted toilet to a wall mounted one can bring a modern and sleek look to your bathroom. However, this technical process needs careful planning, skilled plumbing work, and knowledge of the necessary steps.

Based on my plumbing experience, I am sharing how I converted floor toilets to wall-mounted toilets. However, the process isn’t simple, so make sure to follow the complete process before touching the toilet;

How To Convert Floor Toilet To Wall Mount? 

The first thing you need to check is if your bathroom walls can support the weight of a wall-mounted toilet.

·   Plan for necessary plumbing modifications such as rerouting water supply and waste lines. 

·   Make sure proper alignment and connection to the wall-mounted toilet’s inlet and waste outlets.

·   Reinforce the wall with a support structure to bear the weight of the toilet. You may need to install a durable framework within the wall.

·   Locate and mark the wall studs where the toilet will be mounted for secure installation and stability.

·   Create openings in the wall for water supply and waste lines. Use proper tools and techniques to avoid damaging existing plumbing or electrical components.

·   Attach the mounting bracket securely to the wall studs.

·   Connect the water supply line and waste line to the wall-mounted toilet using appropriate fittings and connectors. Check proper sealing and test to prevent leaks.

·   Carefully mount the wall-mounted toilet onto the mounting bracket to ensure it is level and properly aligned. 

·   Turn on the water supply and test the flushing mechanism to ensure proper functionality. 

·   Patch and repair the wall openings, paint or finish the wall surface, and add any additional decorative elements to complete the conversion process.

·       Cautions

Converting a floor toilet to a wall mount needs advanced plumbing skills and knowledge. If you are not comfortable with any aspect of the process, it is recommended to call professional assistance from a licensed plumber to ensure a successful and safe conversion. By following these expert tips, you can transform your bathroom with a stylish and space-saving wall mounted toilet.

Can Any Floor Toilet Be Converted To A Wall Mount?

Every floor toilet cannot be converted to a wall mount. Converting a floor toilet to a wall mount needs structural considerations. The bathroom walls must be capable of supporting the weight and force exerted by a wall mounted toilet. 

The plumbing configuration should be modified to accommodate the new toilet’s inlet and waste outlets. 

Why Are Wall-Mounted Toilets Better Than Floor-Mounted?

Wall-mounted toilets save space and provide a sleek, modern aesthetic by eliminating the need for a visible tank and pedestal. The adjustable height feature allows for customizing the toilet’s height to meet individual comfort needs. 

Cleaning the bathroom becomes easier as the floor beneath the toilet is exposed, facilitating access to hard-to-reach areas. The wall-mounted design offers flexibility in bathroom layout and enhances accessibility for individuals with mobility limitations.

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