How To Clean Toilet Bowl Stains With Coke(Cleaning Hack)2024

How To Clean Toilet Bowl Stains With Coke

Cleaning toilet bowl stains can be annoying, especially when you don’t have commercial toilet cleaners at home. Wait, did you ever try to clean toilet bowl stains with coke? Coke can be an effective cleaning remedy for toilet stains when used properly. Cutting long things short, let’s take a look at how to clean toilet stains with coke.

How Can Coke Remove Toilet Bowl Stains?

It is possible to clean stains with the help of coke. Coke contains a lot of carbohydrates as well as acidity. The acidity of coke makes it the perfect chemical to thoroughly clean the stains in a toilet bowl.

The Power Of Acidity In Coke

It is often said that coke should be used less as it can harm inner organs and can decay your teeth. Now the question is that what makes a coke so corrosive? The use of acids in the production of coke makes it bad.

It’s not like coke is harmful and a danger to life. Basically, acids are used to break things and break down the barriers covering anything. Acids like citrus, phosphorous and hydrochloric are used in the formation of coke.

The Procedure Of Using A Coke Inside The Toilet Bowl

The coke can remove hard stains in the toilet. So, start with pouring down the coke on the stains. You can also spray it all over the toilet to cover all the parts. The next step is to let the fizzy drink sit on the light coating.

After 2-3 hours, use a toilet brush to thoroughly scrub the stains. The longer the coke remains on the toilet bowl, the better the effectiveness shows. Flush the toilet after scrubbing it down, and you will probably see a clean toilet bowl.

How About Removing Mild Stains With Coke?

For mild stains, coke can be effective in removing them. A procedure needs to be followed in order to remove mild stains inside the toilet bowl.

The method starts off with opening a bottle of coke and measuring out two to three cups. The stains are mild, so they will not need excess coke to remove them. Then pour the coke into and around the toilet bowl. Make sure that all the stains are well coated with the coke.

Even though the stain will wash up right away, but a thin layer of coke would remain on the stains. You can apply the coke by pouring it on a cloth and scrubbing the stains that are harder to reach by hand. A spray coke bottle will be a better option to cover all the stains.

The next step is to let the beverage sit on the stains for about an hour. Giving the coke more time will enhance its power to break the stains and all the dirt. Pouring the coke again and leaving it overnight will give the best results.

Can The Coke Harm The Coating Of The Toilet Bowl When Left For A Longer Time?

No, it is quite impossible for coke to destroy the coated layers of the toilet bowl. It would not damage the toilet but only will help in cleaning the stains.

So, after the coke is left overnight, the acids in it should definitely have opened the grip of the stains. By flushing the toilet, all the stains should be rinsed away with the flow of water. Keep in mind that this method is used to remove mineral stains in the toilet. If the method does not work in any case, that means the stains are not common.

Removing Hard Stains Inside The Toilet Bowl

If any how simple flushing does not take away the stains, then using coke with a toilet brush is compulsory. This mechanical action of scrubbing the stains with a toilet brush and coke will be effective. Apply the coke to the hard stains and keep on repeating the process to boost up the power of the beverage.

Moreover, a second solution could be to increase the effect of coke through the heating process. Do you know what a coke heating process is? Basically, it is a process in which coke is heated up in a microwave. This will make the chemical reaction occur in a quicker way. Avoid heating the beverage too much and just normally heat it. After heating the coke, simply pour it into the toilet bowl, and you can scrub the stains. By heating the carbonated coke, the liquid will fizz will increase more than its usual state.

Also, never forget to take the safety measures such as wearing gloves. Take the process slowly and be aware that the hot fizzy drink touches any of your body parts, even mistakenly. A canned coke can quickly explode when heated up, so try not to use a fully sealed coke. It is safe to first pour the coke into a glass and then heat it up.

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Can Coke Be Used With Other Household Cleaning Solutions?

Of course, coke can be used and mixed with other acids to increase its corrosiveness. One of the popular methods of combining and mixing coke is baking soda. Use minimum amounts of coke and baking soda, add water and then mix the solution. Another ingredient could be vinegar as well. Additionally, the three liquids can be mixed together, and by adding water, a great solution can be created to remove the hard stain in the toilet.

The process continues, and the scrubbing repeats in every part of pouring any liquid in water. Again wait for an hour or more and then flush out everything.

If the process looks quite disturbing, then you can also put the solution in a spray bottle. Then spray down the chemicals in the bowl and let it sit for as long as possible. When the liquid starts working and the stain starts dissolving, start scrubbing every part.

This method would not fall into the category of failing and will work fine in solving the stain problems.

Is Coke The Only Best Choice To Remove Stains? 

No, coke is not always the best choice when removing the toilet stains. It would not be able to remove stains based on oil or harsh grease. Therefore, a stronger acid is required to remove the stains that cannot be removed with the use of coke.

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