Best Toilets For Large Stools [Big Mega Pooping Flush] 2024

Best Toilets For Large Stools

Dealing with large stools can be a severe headache, especially when you are facing frequent clogging issues. It’s annoying to have a hammer away at the toilet with a plunger in a few days. Thanks to toilet manufacturers, you can now easily find a no-clog toilet with powerful flushing systems.

Best toilets for large stools are made for their effective flushing, durability, and long-life performance. If you are finding a toilet for large stools, we are here to help you. After reviewing many toilet brands, toilets, user experience, and performance, we have created a list of top-selling toilets for large stools;

Budget Pick

Best Stools Toilet


DeerValley DV-1F52807 – Best Stools Toilet




93 pound

Best Pick

Best Toilet For Huge Shit


HOROW HWMT 8733U Toilet – Best For Huge Shit




90 pound

Editor’s Pick

Best Toilet For Huge Turd


Fine Fixtures Dual-Flush – Best Toilet For Huge Turd




90 pounds

Best Toilet For Large Stools- Top Rated 7 Strongest Flushing Toilets For 2024

1. Kohler K-3493-7 Highline – Best Toilet For Large Stools

Editor’s Choice

Best Toilet For Large Stools
  • Toilet Shape Elongated
  • Toilet weight 3.2 ounces
  • Manufacturing material Vitreous China
  • Installation method Floor mounted

A newly designed pressure lite toilet by Kohler, the K-3493-7 is best known for its bulk flushing performance. Featuring a unique biscuit color, this toilet comes with a compact elongated shape to make an ideal choice for small to medium-sized bathrooms. It has a pressure-assisted flush system, which makes it one of the strongest flushing toilets available on the market.

Equipped with class five flushing technology, it creates a strong siphon during flushing to provide plug-free performance and effective rinsing for a clean toilet bowl. You can choose from the round and elongated bowl options according to your needs. A comfortable height seat allows convenient and comfortable sitting for elderly persons and those with knee pains.

When it comes to flushing performance, this Kohler toilet for large stools offers 1.28 gallons per flush to save water without sacrificing performance. This two-piece toilet comes with a left-hand trip lever for your convenience. Last but not least, the DryLock installation system prevents leaking issues.

  • Comfort height seating
  • Pressure assist flushing system
  • Available in elongated and round bowl options
  • One year warranty
  • Left-hand trip lever
  • Loud flushing noises

2. TOTO CST743S#11 Drake Toilet – Best For Big Poop

Editor’s Choice

Best Toilet For Big Poop
  • Toilet Shape Round
  • Manufacturing Material Vitreous China
  • Toilet Weight 55.4 pounds
  • Installation method floor mounted

The TOTO Drake Two-piece round 1.6 gallons per-flow toilet comes with a classic high-profile design that is durable and powerful enough to work within both commercial and residential areas. Featuring a GMAX flushing system by TOTO, the toilet has a 3 inch wide flush valve combined with a large trapway to avoid clogging issues. Additional, there is an extra-large siphon jet for improved flow.

This feature helps to draw water into the bowl quickly and flush away all wastes effectively. One excellent feature of the fully glazed trapway is that it provides an ultra-quiet but more powerful flush. Cleaning the toilet is effortless thanks to the high-profile, concealed design with a sleek appearance.

The TOTO CST743S#11 Drake toilet has a standard 12-inch rough-in. Another stand-out feature of this modern toilet is the ultra-smooth CeFIONtect bowl surface finish which makes it an ideal addition to modern bathrooms. No matter how much dirt or bits of waste accumulates on the surface, you can easily clean it with a dampened clean towel.

  • Powerful G-Max & E-Max flushing system
  • Ultra-Smooth CeFIONtect Bowl Surface Finish
  • Fully glazed trapway
  • Chrome-plated trip lever
  • Large Water Surface
  • No seat included in the package

3. WinZo WZ5079N Flush – Massive Poop In Toilet

Editor’s Choice

Best Toilet For Mega Pooping
  • Manufacturing Material Ceramic
  • Toilet Shape Elongated
  • Toilet Weight 95 pounds
  • Installation method Floor mounted

Featuring a PowerFlo flushing technology, this one-piece toilet for large stools is both powerful and quiet. The Winco toilet has a personalized sleek design to complete your modern compact bathroom with a contemporary style. In fact, this is one of the best toilets for small spaces.

There is a dual flush technology offering 0.8 gallons per flush and 1.6 gallons per flush technology to help you save water and reduce water bills. The standard 16 inches seat height is suitable for both adults and elderly persons. It has a full-skirted trapway (3.15 inches wide) design combined with a super smooth glaze surface to create a sleek appearance and makes cleaning ultra-convenient.

There are double nozzles holes used instead of typical rim holes. Thanks to the non-slip toilet seat bumpers with soft close light to provide super-quiet performance. There are quick-release hinges and stainless steel screws used to make the seat both durable and comfortable. Other notable features include chrome finish rectangular push button, floor-mounted bolts, and wax ring included in the package.

  • Premium Quality Gravity Fill & Flush Valve
  • Soft-close lid with Quick Release Hinges
  • Tornado Double Cyclone Flush System
  • Easy to Clean glaze Surface
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Not for tall persons

4. DeerValley DV-1F52807 – Best Stools Toilet

Editor’s Choice

Best Stools Toilet
  • Manufacturing material Ceramic
  • Toilet shape Elongated
  • Toilet weight 93
  • Installation method floor mounted

A small toilet with a one-piece design, the DV-1F52807 by DeerValley is a perfect fit for small bathrooms. Thanks to the space-saving and modern design, this sleek and elegant toilet completes the appearance of your compact modern toilet. It features a single flush design and offers 1.28 gallons per flush to save water.

The best thing about the power flushing system is that the tanks refill in no time. There is a concealed trapway along with a fully glazed surface to facilitate convenient cleaning. The self-cleaning glaze surface gives an elegant appearance to the toilet and also makes cleaning effortless.

Equipped with an ultra-thin soft close toilet seat, this small toilet seat is both comfortable and durable. The best part of the push button removable seat is three steps operation, including click, remove and install. The package comes with a wax ring, floor bolts, pre-installed water fitting, and installation instructions.

  • Widened Toilet Seat Design for maximum comfort
  • Compact Size and Modern Design
  • Fully Skirted Trapway Design
  • Push Button Removable Seat
  • Effortless installation technique
  • Packaging complains

5. HOROW HWMT 8733U Toilet – Best For Huge Shit

Editor’s Choice

Best Toilet For Huge Shit
  • Manufacturing material Ceramic
  • Toilet shape elongated
  • Toilet weight 90 pound
  • Installation method floor mounted

Another masterpiece for small bathrooms, the HWMT-8733U by HOROW, is specially designed for small spaces. The toilet comes with two flushing options that include 0.8 gallons per flush and 1.28 gallons per flush. No matter which option you choose, the dual flushing system is powerful enough to remove all the waste in the toilet bowl.

Featuring 16.5 inches seat height, HWMT-8733U is one of the comfortable toilets available on the market. There are two big opening holes on each side for convenient installation. Thanks to the glazed surface of the toilet, cleaning and maintenance are effortless. Also, the skirted designs allow maintaining the toilet easily as compared to the two-piece toilet design.

The durable UF toilet seat combined with the wax ring offers optimum comfort. There is a push-button mechanism to remove and install the seat in a breeze. Another handy feature is concealed trapway to prevent clogging issues. Other essential features include a side cover, toilet tank cover, user manual, five years warranty, and installation video for easy installation.

  • Space Saver Design
  • High-end soft closing toilet seat
  • Easy installation and cleaning
  • Highly Efficient Dual-Flush system
  • Five years long warranty
  • Ordinary seal rings

6. Fine Fixtures Dual-Flush Toilet – Best Toilet For Huge Turd

Editor’s Choice

Best Toilet For Huge Turd
  • Manufacturing material Ceramic
  • Toilet shape Round
  • Toilet weight 90 pounds
  • Installation method Floor mounted

A dual flush toilet with 2 inches fully glazed trapway, Fine Fixtures toilet offers premium features with long-lasting durability. Manufactured with reliable ceramic material, it has an elegant glazed surface to inhibit the growth of stain and mold, odor-causing bacteria, and mildew on the surface. Additionally, the surface needs no special cleaning procedure. Just take a dampened towel and clean the surface to maintain its new look.

Equipped with a powerful, dual flush system, this ceramic toilet not only effectively flushes your toilet but also helps to reduce the monthly water bill significantly. There are two rough-in options to choose from, including 10 inches and 12 inches. The inner trapway is fully glazed to prevent stuff from seeping into the porcelain.

Thanks to the 2 inches wide trapway, the chances of clogging and overflow are minor or not. Compared to uncomfortable, noisy toilet seats, this one-piece toilet for large stools has a soft closing seat to get rid of loud noise.

  • Rounded siphon action bowl.
  • Soft closing seat
  • 2″ Fully-glazed trapway
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Available in 10 inches and 12 inches rough in options
  • Difficult installation

7. WOODBRIDGE Bath T-0015 Dual Flush Toilet – Best For Mega Pooping

Editor’s Choice

Best Toilet For Mega Pooping
  • Manufacturing material Porcelain
  • Toilet shape Elongated
  • Toilet weight 28 pounds
  • Installation method Floor mounted

A luxury toilet with a modern design, T-0015 by WOODBRIDGE features a sleek appearance and is one of the best toilets for modern bathrooms. Thanks to the high-quality construction combined with elegant craftsmanship, this toilet for large stools provides a super quiet and powerful flushing system. There are no clogs, leaks, or other issues reported with the fully glazed flush system.

The skirted trapway gives it a sleek look and allows cleaning it conveniently. There are no corners and grooves. Thanks to the comfort height design, the chair-height seating makes both sitting and standing up easy for the elderly and adults. However, the height may not be comfortable for kids. With a fully concealed trapway, the toilet has no bends or corners to gather dust.

When it comes to a toilet seat, you can hardly find such comfortable and super quiet soft closing seats on the market. This toilet seat is straightforward to install and remove with the high-end soft closing seat, stainless steel seat hinges, and quick release design.

  • Super Quiet & Powerful Flushing
  • High-Quality Soft Closing Seat
  • Siphon flushing design
  • Comfort Height Design
  • One year limited warranty
  • Installation needs professional services

How to Find Right Toilet for Large Stools- The Buying Guide

No matter what type of product you are looking for, make sure to consider the key factors that can help to make the right choice from available options. Here are the most important factors for finding the best toilet for large stools. Last but not least, the manufacturer is offering five years limited warranty for this toilet.

  • Toilet Types of Large Stools

Before considering other features, it is critical to take a look at the two basic types of toilets that includes pressure-assisted toilets and gravity-feed toilets. Gravity feed toilets are famous, but pressure-assisted toilets have their own advantages.

  • Gravity Feed Toilets

These toilets are equipped with a flush value that relies on gravity. The water drops from the toilet tank into the bowl and then moves the water down to the drain.

Gravity Flushed toilets work best with as little as ten pounds per square inch of household water pressure. Toilets featuring beefy 3-, 31/2- or 4 inches wide flush valve offers more powerful performance than 2- to 2 ½- inch valves. Make sure to consider the specification of the toilet flush valve to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Pressure Assisted Toilets

When the water compresses air within the toilet tank, it creates sufficient pressure that thrusts waste powerfully down the waste line. Pressure-assisted toilets are best for large families. However, the pressure flush creates loud flushing noises. If you are buying a pressure-assisted toilet, ensure your home has a minimum of 25 pounds per square inch water pressure. Such pressure is the minimum amount needed for pressure-assisted toilets to work effectively.

  • Toilet Height

A large stool toilet has an extra height for users. The best benefit of using a large and tall toilet is its exceptional comfort level. Also, it offers some additional support for ideal comfort.

A standard measurement for toilet height is 12 inches. You can also find toilets with 10 inches and 14 inches in height. Remember the rims of the standard bowl are about 14-15 inches above the floor.

A comfort height toilet has 17-19 inches height from the floor.

Additional height is recommended as it makes it convenient to get on and off the seat. Concealed, visible, or skirted trapway

Tramways are hard to clean, and therefore you should choose the right toilet. A toilet featuring concealed trapway has a smooth surface where the trapway appears.

A skirted trapway features a clean line from the front to the backside of the toilet. Both types of tramways make the cleaning base convenient and provide a sleek appearance.

  • Flushing System

A flushing system is the most essential part of any toilet.

There are three main types of flushing systems available on the market, including water pressure systems, siphon jet flush systems, and G-system. Depending on the size of your bathroom and toilet, you can select the best one for your needs. However, bathroom experts recommend using single and dual flushing toilets for efficient results.

  • Clogging and other problems of a toilet

Typically, the toilet becomes clogged gets stains, including both yellow and brown. However, the clogs become more often when you use a large stool. The best thing about the modern toilet is that they utilize less water to save water but frequently clog, especially when the toilet doesn’t clean properly.

The common clogging reasons include excessive toilet paper usage, hard water, worn pipes, and flushing foreign objects. Make sure your large stool toilet can effectively deal with such problems.

  • Noise Level

It depends on the size and location of your bathroom to select a toilet with a particular noise level. For instance, if it is located near your kitchen or a living area, you need to choose a toilet with a low noise level. Gravity feed toilets are therefore recommended for attached bathrooms and small homes.

  • Soft Closing seat

Nasty noise from toilet slam is the most annoying thing one can imagine at night. Thanks to the soft closing seat, now you don’t need to think about these noises. The mechanism ensures that the seat will close slowly and don’t create any loud noise. Also, such seats are ideal for the safety of kids and elderly persons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How Do You Use A Toilet Stool?

Slot the toilet stool in front of the toilet, normally sit on the toilet, and place the feet atop the stool. You may feel uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it with some time.

  • What type of toilet is best for no clogging?

It is recommended to select a toilet with a powerful flushing system to prevent clogging issues. Don’t use excessive toilet paper, hard water, or flushing foreign objects to stay away from clogging.

  • What are essential features to prevent toilet clogs?

Make sure the select the right trapway and flush valve size to prevent toilet clogs. A large trapway combined with a large valve perfectly flushes the waste and keeps the toilet clean for efficient performance.


When choosing the large stools toilet, make sure to consider the powerful flushing system. Water-saving technology is a good feature but doesn’t go with it as you are buying the best toilet for large stools. Don’t forget to consider the location of your toilet as powerful flushing means loud noises. Toilet seat height is an essential factor as higher bowls are best for people with bad knees but not recommended for toddlers. Depending on your budget and needs, select a suitable toilet for large stools available on the market.

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