How To Make A Loud Noise Toilet Flush Quietly(Silently) 2023

How To Make A Toilet Flush Quietly

Commonly, the toilets are supposed to make noises when you flush them. Sometimes, loud noise is very unpleasant to the ears. To avoid such noises and to make sure the toilet is flushed quietly, different options can be used. You can find many high-quality toilets to get rid of the loud toilet flush sounds. The clamps in the toilet often get loose and create sounds. Methods like tightening everything, adjusting the water flow, blocking the sound, and checking the tank can resolve the toilet noise issues. Most people ask how to make a toilet flush quietly? The disruptive flush noise is unbearable for some people, and it needs to be stopped by working it manually.

If you do not want to work on fixing the flush noise problem, then you can install a soundproof toilet. It will function better than a common toilet that will keep on making sounds and needs to be fixed again and again.

How To Make A Toilet Flush Quietly?

Tighten Everything

The first priority when searching for sound issues is to check your pipes. This is a common problem that, over time, the clamp in the pipes gets loose. Manually check the cistern for any type of loose clamps or opened fillings. The loose-fitting in the clamps or pipe valves can cause noises when the toilet is flushed.

What Is A Cistern? 

A cistern is basically used for the flushing process. It is a tank for storing water. The water stores in the cisterns of the toilet.

It’s better to thoroughly check the pipe and check in the clamp using a screwdriver. Do not tighten the fittings very hard as it might cause the water inlet valve to close while closing the clamps. This will stop the toilet from refilling again.

Further, try to actively move the fixtures by using a screwdriver to make sure they are tightened perfectly. If the problem is still not solved, another option could be the blockage of sound in the tank.

Adjust Water Flow

Another issue can be found in the persistence of water flow. This might be the reason for a noisy flush because of the speed water is refilled. Check and tweak the water valve to adjust the speed. The valve can be found outside the tank or behind the toilet.

Letting a lot of water at a fast speed into the cistern can be noisy. When the water valve is adjusted to a maximum speed, flush the toilet again to see whether it makes any improper sound or not. However, after this adjustment, the water flow might slow down, and the cistern will take longer to fill up again.

Remove The Amount Of Water In The Tank

Large tanks which store a lot of water can be the cause of noisy flushes. If the toilet consists of more than enough water to flush down the solid waste right away. Then you should put a brick inside the cistern that will help in displacing water to the top. It will give the ease to will cistern with a smaller amount of water.

The less the water flows into the toilet bowl; the less the flush noise will be. Also, this method helps in saving water as well as reducing water noise.

Check The Water Tank

If the problem is still not solved, the problem might be in the tank. Therefore, it is compulsory to check out the tank beforehand.

Sometimes sounds can be produced from the end of the water flowing process. It can also be linked with the further larger process of water tanks. So, blockage of the water to completely fill in the tank can be beneficial, and it may suppress the sound.

You can try changing the position of the valves in the toilet tank or try altering the tank float slightly. It may help in the reduction of noise.

Block The Sound

Moreover, the next step is to remove the tank’s lid and clean the edges of the tank. Then dry the tank and cut adhesive foam to place it around both of the edges. Also, lightly press and close down the lid to block out the sound created by the toilet. The airborne sound will be unable to travel out and will cease the sound.

It is better to soundproof the toilet cistern. This trick is normally used for doors, and adhesive foam tape is used for sealing. This method can mute the sound and can make them sound to slow down rather than rise up its high noise.

For more soundproofing, you could also use the cistern cover on the toilet, which will help in dampening the sound.

Install A Quiet Fill Flush Valve

If you are unable to find the problem creating the noise in the toilet, you can install a quiet fill flush valve that can stop a lot of trickling noises when the tank is filling up.

This quiet fill valve works by using an outlet pipe. It feeds the water back into the tank below the waterline. This system will make sure to produce no sound when the cistern is refilled.

Can This Quiet Fill Flush Valve Be Installed In The Toilet Originally?

Yes, there are quite flush toilets pre-installed on the toilets to avoid the users spending differently on a whole new toilet, just by buying quiet flush valves and fitting them in your cistern separately.

Also, fitting a quiet flush valve can be disturbing and difficult. So, hiring a plumber will be a better choice than performing this fiddly job for you. The plumber will easily find how to fix the problem in the toilet.


When the lime scale is built up, it stops the toilet from functioning properly. Therefore, it can lead from one problem to another. The noise gets bigger and is increased when the water touches the eroded parts. To avoid the creation of unnecessary noises, it is also important to clean your toilet as often as you can. Checking your tank once a week can help you figure out whether the toilet needs to be fixed or is already working properly.

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