Best Quiet Flush Toilets 2024 [Most Silent Quietest Flushing]

Best Quiet Flush Toilets

It was a cold winter night when I realized how irritating loud toilets are. Nasty toilet flushing noises are common, but no one wants them at night. Why does toilet flush create loud noises, and how to deal with them? One solution, the best quiet flush toilet, is a magic pill for your blaring toilet flush. Thanks to innovative technologies, modern toilets offer ultimate comfort and convenience.

Silent flush toilets are specially introduced to eliminate the issues with loud flushing systems. With countless toilet brands available, it is one tough task to find the ideal quiet flushing toilet for your bathroom. Say goodbye to worries; we are here to help you. After spending hours and hours of research, we ended up finding the best silent flushing toilets based on user ratings, features, convenience, and price comparisons;

Best Quiet Flush Toilets – Top Rated Sound Proof Toilets For 2024



Most Quiet Toilet

KOHLER 3814-RA- 0 – Most Quiet Toilet

  • Manufacturing material Ceramic
  • Flushing technology Single Flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted
  • Toilet Shape Elongated



Best Quiet Toilet

Swiss Madison SM-1T254 – Quietest Toilet

  • Manufacturing material Ceramic
  • Flushing technology Dual Flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted
  • Toilet Shape Elongated



Quiet Flush Toilet

TOTO CST744SL#01- Best Silent Toilet

  • Manufacturing material Vitreous China
  • Flushing technology Single flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted
  • Toilet Shape Elongated

1. TOTO CST744SL#01- Quiet Flush Toilet

Editor’s Choice

Quiet Flush Toilet
  • Manufacturing material Vitreous China
  • Flushing technology Single flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted
  • Toilet Shape Elongated

One of the most popular toilet brands, TOTO has been producing high-quality bathroom products for more than 90 years. This Drake Two-piece elongated toilet is a perfect solution for loud flushing noises. A decent option for both commercial and residential needs, TOTO CST744SL#01 comes with a GMAX flush technology. There is a 125% wider flush valve compared to the standard toilet to improve flushing performance.

Also, the GMAX siphon jet provides increased flow to draw water into the elongated bowl to flush large waste effectively. Featuring a single flush system, this floor-mounted quiet flush toilet has low consumption siphon jet flushing action. The high-profile tank features a chromed plated trip lever for ultra-convenient use. Designed to complement modern bathrooms, this TOTO silent toilet is available in five different colors.

One excellent benefit of the high-profile concealed design is that it makes cleaning convenient and creates an elegant, sleek and smooth look. The easy clean surface allows for maintaining the shiny look of the bowl with minimum effort. Thanks to the two-piece floor-mounted design, installing a toilet needs no plumbing expertise. If you feel any confusion, the installation instruction guide can help you. Other notable features include 1.6 gallons per Flush, 12 inches rough in, ADA compliant, large trapway, and a one-year limited warranty.


  • Powerful G MAX flushing system
  • Available in five colors
  • Chrome plated lever
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Wide flush valve


  • No toilet seat included

2. Fine Fixtures ‎MOTB7W- Silent Flush Toilet

Editor’s Choice

Silent Flush Toilet
  • Manufacturing material Ceramic & Plastic
  • Flushing technology Dual Flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted
  • Toilet Shape Elongated

A smart toilet for modern bathrooms, the Fine Fixtures ‎MOTB7W one-piece toilet is a perfect pick to eliminate nasty flushing sounds. Thanks to the nice glazed surface, the toilet inhibits the growth of odor and stain, causing bacteria, mildew, and mold on the surface. The powerful dual flush system drives lower water pressure in your home to decrease your monthly water expenses. Partial Flush needs 1 gallon, and full Flush uses 1.6 gallons per Flush.

Compared to noise toilet seats, it comes with a soft closing seat to get rid of irritating seat closing sounds. The ultra silent noise of this quiet Flush toilet makes it useful for children who have issues with closing the toilet seat without losing the grip. The inner trap with 2 inches size is completely glazed, which helps to prevent water from seeping into the porcelain. Installation is effortless, with everything needed is included in the package, including bolts and wax rings.

Equipped with a wide trapway, it reduces the chances of overflow and clogging. One of the best features of this low-noise floor-mounted toilet is its compact size which makes it an ideal choice for small bathrooms. Although the weight is heavy at 110 pounds, but you can easily install the unit without professional plumbing services. Last but not least, Fine Fixtures is offering five years limited warranty for this small quiet flush toilet.


  • Soft Closing Seat
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Large trapway
  • Powerful dual flush system
  • Five years warranty


  • Not for heavy person

3. Swiss Madison SM-1T254 – Best Quiet Toilet

Editor’s Choice

Best Quiet Toilet
  • Manufacturing material Ceramic
  • Flushing technology Dual Flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted
  • Toilet Shape Elongated

A sleek toilet for modern bathrooms, the Swiss Madison SM-1T254 one-piece elongated toilet complement with different styles. Equipped with a powerful dual flush system, this is one of the best quiet flush toilets for large waste. You can choose between partial Flush (.8 GPF) and full Flush (1.28 gpf). Thanks to the quick-release matte chrome hinges, you can easily unlatch the toilet seat from the unit.

The elongated and comfortable height bowl of SM-1T254 improves the comfort level to make it a suitable option for elderly people. One of the best features of this one-piece quiet flush toilet is its soft closing seat. Besides maximum comfort, the toilet seat has reduced noise to prevent nasty slams on cold, silent nights.

Cleaning is easy with its convenient to clean, smooth glazed surface. Installation is effortless with all essential tools provided by the manufacturer in the package. The package comes with a Wax ring and installation hardware. If you are not satisfied with the performance or have issues with installation, Swiss Madison is offering a one-year limited warranty with excellent customer service.


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Fully skirted trapway
  • Soft closing seat
  • Comfort height bowl
  • Quick release matter chrome hinges


  • Heavyweight

4. WinZo WZ5080 – Best Dual Flush Quiet Toilet

Editor’s Choice

Best Dual Fush Quiet Toilet
  • Manufacturing material Ceramic
  • Flushing technology Dual Flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted
  • Toilet Shape Elongated

A special toilet for limited spaces, WinZo WZ5080, is one powerful flushing toilet with deduced sound effects. Equipped with a double cyclone flush system, this elongated quiet flush toilet comes with low water consumption. The partial Flush takes 0.8 GPF and 1.28 GPF to help you save water and reduce utility bills.

Thanks to the sleek design with a low profile, the toilet is a perfect fit for limited top space bathrooms. The extended bowl has raised height of 17.25 inches seat to make sitting down and standing up convenient for tall, disabled, and elderly persons. I liked the quick-release toilet seat with soft closing. Also, you can easily install, remove and maintain the comfortable seat.

Skirted design, along with a sleek appearance, gives the toilet a unique appearance. In fact, it has a U shape appearance rather typical elongated one. There is a double nozzle cleaning feature in the bowl to create a powerful flush. The toilet also comes with side holes for convenient access to fix the floor bolts.


  • Sleek design with a low profile
  • Full glazed and large trapway
  • The fast and powerful flushing action
  • Quick release soft seat
  • Comes with side covers


  • Need professional installation

5. R&T Tankless Smart – Quietest Flush Toilet

Editor’s Choice

Quietest Flush Toilet
    Manufacturing material Ceramic
  • Flushing technology Contact free Flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted
  • Toilet Shape Round

Whether you are remodeling a bathroom or considering a new toilet, this one-piece smart toilet is the best option for your needs. The ultra-compact takes less space than typical toilets and allows installing it in small places. Without standard tank parts, this best tankless quiet flush toilet has fewer leaking issues than traditional toilets.

Powered by 4 AA batteries, it features a flashing low power light to keep you informed about battery power. One of the best features of this smart toilet is its convenient hands-free flushing; the seat sensor knows when the user is finished and flushed the toilet. There are two smart flushing modes, including off-seat auto flushing and foot button flushing.

Thanks to the Siphonic flushing technology, it ensures thorough and efficient cleaning. Another standout function is that low water pressure allows flushing with a direct water supply from the pipe. Last but not least, it comes with essential tools, including two-angle valves, complete hardware, and two years limited warranty.


  • Two smart flushing modes
  • Tankless flushing system
  • Comes with a complete installation kit
  • Durable Polypropylene seat
  • Two years warrant


  • None

6. KOHLER 3814-RA-0 – Most Quiet Toilet

Editor’s Choice

Most Quiet Toilet
  • Manufacturing material Ceramic
  • Flushing technology Single Flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted
  • Toilet Shape Elongated

The Corbelle two-piece toilet offers powerful, clean swirl-style flushing in an elegant, sleek skirted design. Featuring revolutionary 360 flushing technology by Kohler, it keeps the elongated bowl clean for a long time as compared to conventional Flush. The toilet uses 1.28 GPF for flushing and doesn’t create loud noises.

Thanks to the comfort height, it offers chair-height seating to make sitting down and standing up convenient for adults and elderly persons. There is a right-hand trip lever for easy use. This best Kohler quiet flush toilet has 12 inches rough-in, which prevents blockage and leakage. Due to its bulky size and heavy weight, the toilet isn’t recommended for small bathrooms.

Installation is not easy, and you have to call professional plumbing services. The WaterSense high-efficiency toilet offers annual water savings. Kohler delivers the package with a toilet tank, trip lever, toilet bowl, ReadyLock installation system, and tank cover. In case of any convenience, you can use the one-year limited warranty.


  • Revolution 360 swirl flushing technology
  • Skirted Trapway simplifies cleaning
  • Comfort height
  • One year warranty
  • ReadyLock installation system


  • Complicated installation

7. TOTO CST454CEFG#01- Quietest Flushing Toilet

Editor’s Choice

Quietest Flushing Toilet
  • Manufacturing material Vitreous china
  • Flushing technology Dual Flush
  • Installation method Floor mounted
  • Toilet Shape Elongated

An elongated two-piece toilet with universal height, this beautiful toilet by TOTO is the perfect solution for nasty flushing noises. Featuring a hole-free rim design, this floor-mounted toilet has a dual nozzle to create a centrifugal washing action that helps in rinsing the elongated bowl more effectively. Also, the TOTO Drake ll features a CefiNotect.

This is a super smooth glaze layer to prevent particles from adhering to the ceramic. Another benefit of this feature is that the combination of the glazed layer with Tornado flush not only helps to reduce the frequency of toilet cleaning but also decreases the water usage and time needed for cleaning. This TOTO Drake ll elongated quiet flush toilet is designed with Universal height to make it an ultra-comfortable seat position for users.

There is a left-hand chrome trip lever added to the unit. Overall this super durable toilet is easy to install and clean, but you may need to purchase installation accessories separately, including a toilet seat, water supply lines, toilet mounting bolts, and wax rings. On the bright side, TOTO is offering a one-year limited warranty for CST454CEFG#01.


  • The double Cyclone flushing action
  • Left-hand chrome trip lever
  • Smooth glaze surface
  • Comfortable seat position
  • Wide trap way


  • No installation accessories

How To Choose Quiet Flush Toilet For Bathroom- The Buying Guide

Now you have several options to choose from, but still, you need assistance to make the right decision. Everything is essential, from installation to color, because you don’t want to disturb the bathroom in a short time. Take a look at my prime considerations when finding the best quiet flush toilets.

  • Flush system types

There are four toilet flush types available on the market. However, you need to look at the following two types for low noise flushing toilets.

  • Gravity Flush

The old flushing mechanism, the gravity flush system, was invented in 1591 and hasn’t been changed much. As the name refers, gravity flushing involves the movement of water from the toilet tank into the bowl. Users press the handle, and it opens the flapper valve to force the water into the toilet bowl.

This water fills the S-trap to create a siphon effect and simultaneously push waste into the trap and drain. A gravity flushing system is best for quiet flush toilets as it doesn’t require any electrical or mechanical assistance and uses little water pressure. It doesn’t create much noise, but just water flows through the system.

  • Pressure Assisted Flush

Such flushing systems use additional pressure to flush toilet waste. The mechanism is just like the standard gravity flushing, but it uses compressed air. It forces the water through the toilet with maximum power and clears water quickly.

Along with a typical water tank, it features a secondary tank. This is the pressure vessel to mix air and water to increase pressure. Such pressurized water is shot into the toilet.

Pressure-assisted flushing is commonly used in tankless toilets. Rather than separate tanks, this type of flushing pressurizes the water directly from the inlet valve. Other functions of the flushing mechanism work the same.

However, pressure-assisted toilets are louder than gravity flush toilets as they have extra pressure.

  • Double cyclone flush

One of the fancy flushing systems, the double cyclone toilet, has two side-facing nozzles under the rim to force the water to swirl in the toilet bowl. This result is a cyclone to remove waste effectively.

A double cyclone doesn’t rely on maximum pressure than gravity flush, but it may produce loud noise due to the more significant water movement. TOTO invented the cyclone system and tornado flushing system.

A double cyclone system involves three jets instead of the nozzle to create more water pressure. However, this flush system is louder, and you don’t need to consider this one if you are looking for quiet flush toilets.

  • Dual flush

The dual flushing toilet is getting popular due to its more efficient water usage. Instead of a flush handle, these toilets have two buttons on the top. When you press them, they open the flapper valve and let gravity do the trick.

These buttons release various amounts of water, such as more for solid waste and less for liquid waste.

The half or partial flush option is ideal for quiet flushing and uses less than a gallon of water. However, they are more prone to leakage as compared to flush handles. The debris can easily get trapped in the flushing procedure.

  • Flush type

The flush type is essential to consider for quiet flushing toilets. In simple words, less water produces less noise. There are two types of flush to choose from.

  • Single flush

These toilets offer a single option for how much water flows through the toilet. Some efficient models may use around 1.6 gallons of water per flush. A single flush toilet can make a set amount of noise. Modern toilets produce noise from 40 dB to 80dB.

  • Dual flush

Dual flush is discussed above, but we didn’t share the available options. There are two types of dual flush, including half and full. The advantage of dual flush is that you can easily flush away liquids with less water. Manufacturers claim that dual flush helps to save up to 67% water as compared to single flush.

When it comes to quiet flushing, a dual flush is ideal as a half flush utilizes less water and produces less noise.

  • Toilet design

Although the toilet design doesn’t have much impact on its noise level but it is advised to pick the right one for your bathroom. Toilets with skirting help with noise level as the system are more enclosed.

When selecting a super quiet toilet, here are recommendations for you.

  • One Piece toilet design

One-piece toilets have a bowl and tank to form a single unit. The design of one-piece toilets is sleek and modern, but they are difficult to install due to their heavy weight. They offer less adjustability with the rough-in, and the distance between the mounting holes and the wall is limited. You can’t adjust the toilet based on problems with wall dimensions.

  • Two-piece toilet design

These types of toilets have separate bowls and tanks. Installation is effortless as you can quickly move the pieces own. Also, you can easily adjust the rough in based on the installation space; if needed, you can quickly reposition the bowl and tank for better fitting.

Two-piece toilet designs are recommended for small bathrooms as they are tall rather than long.

  • Concealed, visible, and skirted tramways

Tramways that bend on the back behind the bowl are hard to clean. A toilet with concealed trapway has a smooth surface where the trapway appears.

Skirted trap ways feature a clean line from the front to the back. Both help clean the toilet conveniently and provide a sleek appearance.

  • Comfort

One can’t deny the importance of comfort when buying a toilet. You don’t want to sit on a slippery or hard toilet. Take a look at these three features for maximum comfort.

  • Toilet seat

The seat plays an essential role in toilet comfort. High-end toilets have heated seats or cleansing attachments which are designed for an ultra-comfortable experience.

For noise issues, soft closing toilets are best as they don’t produce loud slams. Whether you have kids or elderly persons, make sure the toilet you choose has a soft closing seat. If the toilet doesn’t have such a seat, you can easily upgrade the buying the new one from the market.

  • The height

The standard toilet height is 15 inches, but most people find tall toilets easy to sit on with lesser stress on the back. However, you can choose a toilet with a height of 19 or 17 inches for maximum comfort.

  • Toilet bowl shape

You have three toilet bowl shapes to choose from that include round, elongated, and compact elongated.

Round toilets have a circular shape and provide a decent comfort level. However, round bowl toilets are not ideal for small bathrooms.

Elongated toilets have an oval shape and are longer than round bowl toilets. The extra length of these toilets provides ideal comfort.

The compact elongated toilet is a blend of round and elongated design. They feature a compact footprint and provide a super comfortable experience.

Useful Tips For Quiet Flush Toilets

Most people consider flush is responsible for causing noise issues. However, the following factors also contribute to the loud toilet noises.

  • Leaks

A leaky system may create noise that is not loud but continuous and irritating.

  • Seat

A soft, closed toilet seat helps to get rid of loud bangs caused by dropping a seat.

  • Air in the system

Sometimes you experience a whistle or scream in the toilet. This is due to the air in the system and can be highly unpleasant.

  • Multi-functioning parts

A broken fill valve creates whistle noises and can be extremely loud sometimes.

  • Build-up in pipes

Hard water creates calcium build-up in your pipes which affects water flow. It can make the toilet whoosh.

These problems should not impact the design while settling on the best quiet flushing toilet. However, it is essential to maintain the toilet regularly and replace damaged parts if they make a noise.

Make sure to replace rubber seals every few years, as being in the water causes them to perish.

Standard toilets have a 40dB to 80dB sound level when flushing.

Toilet experts recommend choosing gravity flush systems as they have ideal water efficiency. They use less water and produce less noise.

Final words

Finding a quiet flushing toilet is like finding peace of mind, especially in quiet early mornings and cold late nights. Quiet flush toilets are the best solution to deal with nasty noises. From flushing to the toilet seat, everything matters when you are dealing with loud toilet noise. Therefore, make a list of features you want in your toilet, measure the bathroom space, set your budget, and select the best quiet flush toilet for your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why are power flush toilets noisy?

Pressure assisted toilet is powerful and ejects water with full force from the toilet tank. That’s why power flush toilets are noisy and not recommended for you if you are looking for quiet flushing toilets.

  • Do high tank toilets flush better?

A high tank toilet flushes better than other toilets as the water in the tank flows from a greater height and therefore has ideal head pressure to accomplish an efficient flush.

  • One piece or two piece toilets, which one is better?

The one-piece toilet is heavy and easy to clean, and there is limited space for bacterial growth. Two-piece toilets have a detachable tank, and they are more customizable for preferred heights and styles. If you are looking for comfort and convenience, two-piece toilets are best for you.

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