How To Fix Frozen Toilet Pipes (Water Mitigation Remedy)2024

How To Fix Frozen Toilet Pipes

The toilet pipes can freeze in the Neptune City area during the winter. There may be times when you can flush your toilet once and there may be times when you can’t flush it at all and it depends on the type of toilet pipe that’s frozen. Water damage to your home can be reduced if you know how to deal with a frozen toilet pipe. So, we are providing you an authentic way on How To Fix Frozen Toilet Pipes.

In order to prevent freezing of toilet pipes, heat cables should be installed. By plugging these heat cables into an outlet, you can prevent ice blockages and keep pipes warm. The insulation of water pipes is also useful for retaining more heat.

How To Fix Frozen Toilet Pipes

It doesn’t always happen in the morning when this cold-weather headache strikes. While you are at work or on vacation, a sudden drop in temperature can cause your bathroom plumbing to freeze. After the next hard freeze, you can prevent water damage by knowing how to handle it now.

Reason of Frozen Pipes

Here are some reasons that your pipes got frozen and you should take care of these happening around you.

Water shortage

Is the water dribbling out of the kitchen faucet when you try to make coffee this morning? Most people notice frozen pipes when there is no running water.

Bulging Pipes

In freezing weather, water molecules expand, causing pipe bulges to be noticeable as a result of the tremendous pressure.

Deficiencies and Cracks

Pipes that have small surface cracks or are covered with condensation may be freezing.

Gripping Sounds

When your pipes make banging or gurgling sounds, you may have ice travelling through them.

Water with a Foul Smell

It is commonly associated with a frozen exterior sewer line to smell sewage from your faucets.

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5 Ways To Remove Frozen Toilet Pipes

It’s possible to thaw a frozen toilet pipe when the temperature begins to rise outside. If you turn up the furnace and open the bathroom cabinet doors, you may be able to help. As soon as your home’s pipes have been adequately insulated, you should consider upgrading it.

The following five tips may help your frozen toilet pipes thaw and start running again if a warmer house doesn’t work.

Heat The Pad

Turn on the low setting of a heating pad and wrap it around the affected pipe. Using slow thawing to prevent frozen pipes from bursting is a risk-reduction method.

Towels Drape

Over the frozen toilet pipe, drape several towels soaked in hot water, and replace them as needed. Dry towels or old newspapers should be spread under the affected area to catch drips.

Heat Up a Hair Dryer

The quickest way to thaw frozen plumbing is to use an electric hair dryer on its lowest setting. Warm air should be directed along the frozen pipe starting from the point nearest the toilet.

Heat Tape Wrap

Almost all home improvement centres carry electrical heat tape. Ensure that the frozen pipe is securely plugged in, wrap a spiral layer of tape around it and check the tape frequently.

Space Heater On

If you use this technique, make sure you keep it to a small area, and be very cautious. The frozen toilet pipe should be heated with a space heater turned on low. All flammable materials should be at least three feet away from it.


An open flame is a serious danger when it comes to thawing pipes. Hand torches should never be used for personal safety reasons. Fires can start in houses due to extreme heat. Pipes can be damaged, sheetrock can be scorched, and pipes can be scorched.

The best way to thaw pipes quickly and safely is to call in a professional if your DIY project fails. Your homeowners insurance policy will usually cover damage caused by burst frozen pipes in your house. Your family, home and life are at risk. Don’t take any chances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will frozen pipes fix themselves?

Natural unfreezing will take a long time, and before thawing can occur, pipes will freeze even more. As a result, the pipe may eventually burst and cause significant damage. A frozen pipe size should be thawed proactively rather than left to accumulate.

Can I flush the toilet if my pipes are frozen?

The toilet cannot be flushed if the pipes are frozen. There is a separate supply pipe that draws water into the toilet from the drain pipe that removes the toilet’s wastewater. There is a good chance you won’t be able to flush the toilet more than once if the supply pipes are frozen.


Well, this is what happens if you are stuck with the frozen toilet pipe problem. We have summed up all the relative information to remain safe from pipe freezing and if it occurs by chance, you can solve it by yourself. If you have any question related to the topic, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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