How To Clean Round Toilet [Best Easy Way To Clean Bowl] 2024

How To Clean Round Toilet Bowl

Personal hygiene is not all about keeping oneself neat but about making your surroundings bacteria-free and sound for people of all age groups. Cleaning your toilet bowl is one of the major concerns over cleanliness because people receive most of the bacterial infections from non-precautionary usage of public toilets.

These bacteria are not only found in public toilets but can present in your home round toilet too. Although we might clean it regularly, its round shape can sustain some of the germs inside its folding, the place we probably ignore. Cleaning round-shaped toilets is a little tricky; that needs all the necessary equipment and special angles to clean. In this short informative article, we will discuss the significance, all the necessary tools, and measures on how to clean a round toilet properly.

Why Proper Cleaning Of Round Shaped Toilet Is Important?

Toilet cleaning is not an enjoyable task for anybody, yet it is essentially crucial to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from infectious diseases. Because an unhygienic toilet multiplies the number of bacterial germs that can cause several infections inside the digestive tract, whoever uses it. A round-shaped toilet take more effort and special consideration than any typical toilet, such as the usage of any casual toilet cleaner, bleach, or acid and any regular brush stirring.

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Tools For Cleaning A Toilet With Special Care:  

  • Liquid Cleaner

First of all, you need to select the best liquid cleaner available in the market with maximum qualities such as that can kill all kinds of bacterial germs, remove hard-water buildups, and provide a pleasant odor too.

Before making a purchase for toilet cleaner, one should go through the ingredients list at the back of the bottle and compare it with other available options. One should select a toilet cleaner having considerable amounts of hydrogen-peroxide, hydrochloric acid, hydroxyethyl-oleylamine, butylated-hydroxy-toluene, methyl-salicylate, cetyl-trimethyl-ammonium-chloride, or at least a few of them.

  • Surface Disinfectant

Selection and availability of a quality disinfectant for the surface are also important for cleaning the toilet. It is not enough to clean the toilet bowl only; cleaning the outer surface of the toilet is as important as its inner bowl.

The possibility is that the bacterial germs that grew inside the toilet bowl have jumped outside and spread all over the toilet seat and bathroom floor. A powerful surface disinfectant helps to kill those spread-around germs when applied and left for some time.

  • Toilet Brush And Sponge

Last but not least, a durable toilet brush allows you to remove the germs and colored buildups beneath the folding of the toilet bowl that you cannot see. Bacterial germs cover this area completely and grow their number in that place quickly.

There are a lot of qualities and shapes available in the toilet brushes, but a round-shaped brush having a flexible rod from the very top of the brush is considered best for a round-shaped toilet bowl. It easily goes to the folded area of the toilet bowl and helps the liquid cleaner and disinfectant to get access to germs hiding there.

Two separate sponges for the exterior of the toilet and bathroom floor are also necessary, which cease the spread of germs from one place to another.

  • Special Measures To Clean A Round-Shaped Toilet Bowl

As we aforementioned, toilet cleaning is not one of the enjoyable home chores, which is why people avoid cleaning their bathrooms on a routine basis. This results in their bathrooms being badly stained and highly bacteria prone.

In that case, one must prepare for the bathroom cleaning before getting started. Such as spreading the liquid cleaner inside the toilet bowl and leaving it for 10-20 minutes to set the stains and kill the germs. Alongside, you must squirt the disinfectant outside the toilet bowl and on the floor, which will get killed the spread-out germs.

After allowing enough time for cleaner and disinfectant to do their job, your effort starts. You need to use the brush and spread the cleaner in the toilet bowl’s folding, and leave it again. Now take the sponge and wipe down the disinfectant from the outer surface of the toilet bowl, and after that, take the flood duster and rub off the disinfectant from there too.

Then get back to the toilet bowl, scrub the cleaner off with the help of a toilet brush and clean it properly from top to bottom around, and then wash off each part of the bathroom at once. Now take a clean and dry cloth to disinfect the toilet handle because all the family members use it; therefore, it shouldn’t be left out of the cleaning process.

In the end, get your cleaning tools to be disinfected and washed before keeping them back in their place. You might use tang additives in the form of discs or tablets that get dissolved and help you keep your bathroom disinfected with every flush.

Final words

Toilet cleaning is as necessary as it has been neglected over the centuries. Previously bathroom cleaning was associated with racial or religious minorities, and the upper classes used to hire them to clean their bathrooms. With the fast-paced developmental revolution, these trends have altered because everyone is so busy and entangled in their struggle that nobody willingly provides bathroom cleaning services in homes. Therefore, it’s the health and hygiene obligation of every family member to keep their bathroom and toilet bowl clean and disinfected. When you develop toilet cleaning as a part of your routine, your work becomes much lighter because this way, you can keep stains and buildups away from your toilet. Worth Reading.

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