What Is The Highest Toilet You Can Buy(Convenient Height)2024

What is The Highest Toilet You Can Buy

A toilet’s height is generally specified from the ground to the bowl’s rim, not from the floor to the seat’s top.  It may be worth considering wall-mounted toilets if you need something taller. There is a maximum height of 28 inches for toilets with these types of units. The height of a toilet is often specified by the manufacturer from the floor to the rim of the bowl rather than the top of the seat. There is usually a separate charge for the seats because they are often sold separately. The total height is usually increased by an inch.

For many people, height is a very important consideration when selecting a toilet. People with mobility issues, disabilities or the elderly may find it easier to use toilets that are tall. It is also known as comfort height toilets or ADA toilets. Here are some considerations to take into account before buying a tall toilet as well as the highest toilet you can buy.

What is The Highest Toilet You Can Buy

Sitting and standing are simply easier with the taller seat. With a higher seat, you do not have to squat down and cock the knees out to the side which can cause discomfort. Those with back or knee pain as well as taller may benefit from a comfortable height toilet.

Things To Consider While Purchasing A Tall Toilet

There are a few things you should consider when buying a tall toilet. There are several things you should consider before purchasing your own tall toilet including the measurement of the person who will use it as well as the add-ons that may help the person feel more comfortable and safe. A tall toilet may be an appropriate choice for you if you consider the following factors. The results could be disastrous if you don’t.

The Height Of The Toilet

You will need a toilet that is slightly higher than normal if you have a disabled person in your home. A low-slung toilet may not allow you to assist your loved one into the bathroom if you buy one that’s too low.

Most tall toilets are 18-20 inches in height, so they are perfect for average-height individuals whose legs or hips are difficult to bend. Most people don’t find the extra inch to be worth the trouble, so you do not need to go beyond inches.

A toilet’s height is measured from the ground up to its top. Toilet heights should be high enough to allow individuals with disabilities access to the toilet. Buying a toilet that is high enough to allow a wheelchair user to easily sit down without having to bend too far is a good idea if you have a wheelchair user in your household.

Individual Heights

The height of the individual and the height of the toilet are important factors to consider when buying a tall toilet. Whenever someone tries to sit on a small toilet, they might feel as though they will fall over. A person who has difficulty maneuvering into the toilet will have trouble if the toilet is too big. Your doctor can help you determine whether the seat’s height is ideal for you. Depending on your comfort level, they can advise you.

Individual Weight

Overweight people have a harder time coping with this challenge. The weight of the individual using the toilet should be considered when choosing a tall toilet. You should select a toilet with a lower seat height if the person weighs more than 200 pounds. It requires more effort for the person to get up because they have to exert more energy.

Some people have difficulty getting up and down regardless of their weight: they can be considerably light-weight but still struggle. A person’s ability to lift themselves up and down must be taken into consideration. A toilet with a high seat is definitely the best choice if you answer yes to that question.

Single Lever Or Double Lever

There are two types of toilet handles: single levers which have only one handle and dual levers which have two handles per toilet. As a result of the dual levers, you can adjust the toilet on both sides independently of each other. There are two ways you can operate the toilet in this way: you can raise the left side and lower the right side at the same time.

The feature is especially useful for people with disabilities at home especially if they have a member of their household who is disabled. It may be more expensive to buy a dual-lever model than one with a single lever but they are well worth the money. Despite the additional cost, you will have more convenience since each side can be adjusted separately.

The single lever toilet might be the best choice if you need a simple toilet. There are fewer options available on single-lever toilets than dual-lever toilets. Dual-lever models are definitely recommended if you’d like to have multiple adjustments.

How to Measure the Toilet Height

To determine the height of a toilet, measure the height from the floor to the top of the seat. A standard toilet generally measures under 17 inches, while a chair-height toilet measures 17 inches or more. To ensure comfort and safety in the bathroom, it is essential that the toilet height is appropriate for each individual. Individuals’ ability to move, their height and their age all influence the height of toilets.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have learned now about the highest toilet that anyone can buy. You may want to go shopping with your seniors or sit down and speak with them so you can get a good understanding of what they need in order to provide them with the kind of service they deserve.

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