How To Dissolve Kleenex In Toilet 2023 Clogged Flushed Down

How To Dissolve Kleenex In Toilet

Everyone does not know how difficult it is to dissolve the Kleenex in the toilet. You must follow the proper steps to dissolve it. Here we guide you about How To Dissolve Kleenex In Toilet.

There is a difference in strength between Kleenex and ordinary toilet paper due to the materials used. You should not flush Kleenex down the toilet, as it is not toilet paper. Instead, throw it away in the garbage.

How To Dissolve Kleenex In Toilet

It takes time for Kleenex to dissolve. In order to pass through toilet drain pipes smoothly, it requires a very slow breakdown process. We personally are against using it in toilets because of this.

Can Kleenex Be Flushed Down the Toilet?

To prevent clogging of the toilet, do not flush Kleenex down the toilet. There is no speed at which Kleenex dissolves or breaks down, owing to the much stronger paper used in the manufacture.

It is very important that we handle the toilet with care and concern regardless of what we do inside. It is here where many people make their first mistakes when it comes to managing and taking care of their toilet.

How To Dissolve Kleenex

There is a time lag between when Kleenex dissolves and when it stops. The breakdown process is slow, so materials must pass through smoothly through toilet drain pipes. The reason why we don’t use it in toilets is because of this.

Here is how to dissolve Kleenex tissue paper if it gets stuck in the toilet or in an unintended place.

Aspirin Tablet Into The Water

Aspirin’s chemical properties will help disintegrate Kleenex tissue paper quickly. These steps will guide you:

Let the Aspirin sink into the water closet until the Kleenex dissolves after it has settled there for a few minutes.

When flushing, the tablet should be unnoticeable in the water after it has dissolved completely for a few minutes.

Watch the stuck tissue paper become mushy when the dissolved tablet meets the stuck tissue paper. Eventually, it will loosen enough to be easy to remove or flush down the drain as it becomes mushy.

It is noteworthy that Kleenex tissue paper usually dissolves in 6 hours whereas Aspirin tablets dissolve in minutes.

Kleenex tissue and other products similar to them such as paper towels, dissolve easily with aspirin. It is important to dissolve one tablet in the water first. Due to the chemical reaction, it will dissolve the Kleenex once it sinks.

Use of a Drain Cleaner

For toilet use, you should choose a safe drain cleaner from several types available. You should avoid bath products that contain caustic chemicals, since they release a great deal of heat which cracks the bathroom.

Use of Baking Soda and Vinegar

Even if you don’t have them, you can buy them at a nearby grocery store even if you don’t have them in your cupboard. This option requires the following steps to dissolve the Kleenex:

  • Ensure the water level inside the bowl is at half so the two substances can react without creating a mess.
  • The toilet bowl should also be sprinkled with baking soda.
  • The bowl should be half-filled with vinegar.
  • Fourteen minutes is the right amount of time to let it settle.
  • The toilet should begin bubbling as the reaction occurs and the waste is being dissolved.
  • Use hot water to flush the toilet after 15 minutes

The process should work but if it doesn’t, repeat steps 2-3 with a teaspoon more Vinegar and baking soda. Let it sit for 10 minutes before flushing. A professional will need to be consulted if it doesn’t work.

Use of a Plunger

In addition to using a toilet plunger, you can also use a sharp object to break up the tissue. Plunge the toilet downwards and upwards once the bowl is over the toilet opening. When the plunger is removed, the suction created by the plunger will dissolve the tissue. Observe if the water drains smoothly after flushing the toilet to see if all Kleenex has dissolved.

Use a Toilet Auger

Having small barbs/hooks at its ends, the closet auger is made of thin long metal. As the toilet auger is pushed down the drain, you will notice some resistance. Insert the hooked end of the toilet auger into the drain’s opening.

Press the auger inward until the hooks break up the Kleenex at the resistance point. The handle should be rotated inward as the auger approaches the resistance point.

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Complete Process To Dissolve Kleenex Toilet Paper

Put Aspirin Into The Water

If you accidentally flushed Kleenex down the toilet, find a way to loosen it without taking out the bowl. You will only need one Aspirin tablet to accomplish this quickly.

Water will be used to dissolve the Aspirin tablet. The tablet must be allowed to completely dissolve in water once it is placed in it.

After the Kleenex has dissolved in the standing water, you should not flush the water again.

Let Dissolve The Aspirin

As soon as the tablet dissolves, you will need to wait for it to dry. By the time you return to assess the situation, it should be completely gone.

You should be able to complete it within a few minutes. As its main purpose is to dissolve fast, you won’t have to wait around long for the tablet to dissolve. You can use Aspirin to loosen Kleenex stuck inside the drain or on the back of the toilet.

There are a lot of people who try to use a plunger or auger.  Kleenex tissue paper can be broken down much more easily this way.

Wait For Kleenex To Dissolve

You will wait for the clogged tissue paper to be affected by the tablet after it has been dissolved.

The results of using Aspirin to dissolve tissue paper will be evident as soon as it is dissolved in water. There will be a mushy mess created from the tissue paper.

An indication like this is a good sign and something you should be watching out for. It will loosen and you can easily remove it or flush it down the toilet once it turns into mush.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take for Kleenex To Dissolve?

It barely takes 6 hour to dissolve the Kleenex. It is common practice to dissolve tissue paper within minutes by mixing an Aspirin tablet with water.

Does Aspirin Dissolve Kleenex?

The common hack for dissolving Kleenex tissue paper including paper towels, uses aspirin as the solvent. Taking a tablet and letting it dissolve in the water is the right way to do this. Chemical changes caused by the settling of the water will cause the Kleenex to dissolve.

Do Kleenex Dissolve In Water?

There is no problem with Kleenex dissolving in water. It typically takes six hours to complete this process, depending on the state of the water. The process can be sped up by placing one Aspirin tablet with the water.


There is a risk of clogging your toilet if you flush Kleenex products down the toilet. You can flush toilet paper, body wash and Kleenex products down the toilet but not Kleenex products.

It takes only a few words to make a wise person wise. Kleenex products should be disposed of in the trash if you use them as toilet paper alternatives.

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