How To Get Something Out Of The Toilet(Trap Stuck Flush)2024

How To Get Something Out Of The Toilet

It happens with everyone once in a life that we or our child accidentally put something into the toilet. It becomes annoying to get out of it if you are totally unaware of the complete procedure. We have solved this problem and written a step step guide on How To Get Something Out Of The Toilet.

Try hooking something like a bent hanger to see if you can get your hands on the toy if you can see it but can’t get a grip. When retrieving the toy, make sure you pull gently so as not to scratch the sides of the bowl.

How to Get Something Out of the Toilet

There are many ways to get out of things if you accidentally put them into the toilet. You can use your hands, a coat hanger, or a drain snake to retrieve your dropped item from the toilet bowl.

But you have to apply all methods carefully to remove it. To retrieve the toilet, you must remove it from the ground if those attempts are unsuccessful. Follow the step by step guide for a safe result.

9 Clever Ways To Retrieve Something Out Of The Toilet

Turn off Water Supply

First of all, You should turn the switch behind the toilet to prevent toilet water from overflowing. It helps to stop things from moving ahead and stuck at that point.

Fish Your Hands

The item must be lifted from the toilet seat while wearing rubber gloves to see if it is stuck. It may be possible to loosen it by moving it around. If it is possible, do so. Flown into the drain pipe if you cannot feel it.

Use The Plunger

Using a toilet plunger to remove items from the drain such as toilet paper, paper towels, or poop. Run your plunger under hot water to loosen up its rubber.

A better seal will be achieved on the drain hole when it is heated with boiling water. The item should be removed and pulled up the trap by plunging about 15-25 times. The next step may need to be repeated a few times if this is your first time.

Dish Soap

In the toilet bowl, place half a cup of dish soap and await it to settle. It will act as a lubricant for whatever is stuck in the pipe as the soap sinks into it for 30 minutes. Get a big pot filled with hot water but not boiling. Pour hot water into the toilet once the water reaches the top of the bowl. After that, flush!

Soda And Plastic Foil

Another way to get something out from the toilet is by using the Soda or Coke. Two litres of Coke poured into the toilet bowl and covered with plastic foil is another way to unclog a toilet. Adding pressure to the blockage will help move the obstruction since the soda will break down whatever is blocking the pipe.

Grab The Toilet Snake

The first step to cleaning a toilet is to empty it. There is a crank on the toilet snake’s handle and it is made of steel. The thing you need if your toilet has a blockage is a plunger.

It is a good idea to buy one if you don’t already own one. You should ensure the snake you buy will retrieve the object, not just dislodge it.

It will push the item down the drain instead of returning it if you use a snake that merely dislodges the item. Put the snake in the bowl once you’re ready.

It would help if you pulled your object hard once the snake had hooked your object. The item will appear as soon as you work the crank. Pull it out as hard as you can but don’t give up

Grab The Object And Sanitise

Congratulations! The goal you set for yourself has been achieved. The object must be sanitised and washed before it can be used again.

Turn on Water

Now, do not forget to turn back the water supply after removing the thing from the toilet. Check everything is working before you turn it on.

Call A Professional Plumber

If you found everything failed, you must call a plumber for safe retrieval of the things so that your toilet also remains safe from damage during the process. No matter how hard you try, a lost object may never be found. To remove the toilet, you’ll probably need special tools and must remove it completely.

Your toilet can be removed and retrieved if it has not been flushed into the plumbing pipes. You could also replace the old toilet if it’s old. Your toilet won’t clog anytime soon.

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How to Prevent Objects From Falling Into the Bowl

A toilet bowl is a common place for objects to fall into. It is possible to prevent this in some ways.

Firstly, only toilet paper should be thrown into it. You can dispose of waste by placing a trash bin next to the toilet. Also, keep the toilet seat lid closed when it is not being used.

In addition, you should tell your kids not to flush toys and other objects down the toilet. The task is not easy but you don’t lose anything by trying.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To save my toilet from dropping something into it?

Place a dustbin near the toilet and put everything into it.

Wrapping Out

These simple steps will help you remove most objects from your toilet trap. If you cannot or the project proves more complex than anticipated, then take advice from a professional.

In addition to saving you time, it will also save you money. You must also maintain your toilet traps and drains regularly to prevent a host of problems.

As a result, you will prevent a potentially dangerous gas buildup in the home and eliminate sewer gas and rotten egg smells. Also Read

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